what is a 1

What Is a Settlement Brochure?

The Settlement Brochure, sometimes called need Video, is most precisely known as a Mediation Documentary, as it focuses on the

video conferencing the

Video Conferencing – The Way of the Future

A video conference is a modern invention, which helps to communicate with different people. As compared to the traditional way

conference call etiquette

Conference Call Etiquette – The Do’s and Don’ts of Multi-Way Phone Conversations

The curse of every hard working manager. Love or hate them, with geographically distributed teams and travel restrictions, conference calls

uncovering the keno

Uncovering the Keno Algorithm for Better Chances of Winning

Each serious keno player applies his own keno algorithm to increase his chance of winning the jackpot. already if the


a must in

A MUST in Protecting Newborn Babies

If you have a newborn, it is likely you have not given this as a consideration when thinking of your

can kenya sustain

Can Kenya Sustain/Manage Its Public Debt by Total/Unlimited Monetary Sovereignty?

As of 2016, the Kenyan Government Debt equivalent to the Gross Domestic Product was 55.20% from 38.2% in 2012, representing

is investing in

Is Investing in US Savings Bonds Worth While?

With saving accounts and certificate of deposits paying extremely low interest rates the past associate of years; is it time


feng shui animal

Feng Shui Animal Symbolism

The role of both real and mythological animals is referred to frequently in feng shui theory and folklore. In many

a cross cultural

A Cross Cultural Experiential Perspective on Spiritual Awakening

Thirty two years ago I began my journey, a emotional and fascinating inner and outer journey into the experience of


Inside the 24 hours that John boxing

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