3 Proven Ways to Predict Your Future (And The Psychic Secret They Don’t Want You to Know)

3 Proven Ways to Predict Your Future (And The Psychic Secret They Don’t Want You to Know)

Who else is fascinated by intuition, psychic experiences and the idea that we can see our future, before it happens? Do you surprise how things in your life are going to turn out?

Do you sometimes struggle with examination paralysis, where you ruminate, think and over-think an idea or outcome so many times that you literally are frozen when it comes to making a decision?

IF you are anything like the tens of thousands of people who enjoy our articles on psychic development, intuition, and spiritual growth every month, the truth is, you are already disinctive. Do we have free will? Is the future already written? Are our lives akin to a movie, and we each merely play out our roles? What purpose does tapping into our own intuition serve, and how can we use it to skillfully navigate the world around us?

The truth is, we are all born with psychic and intuitive gifts. Most of us use most of our lives ignoring our intuition, and relying on the outside world to gauge where to go, and how we grow.

I want to suggest 3 super quick ways you can get a glimpse into your future in some super cool, and uncanny ways. Now, space is a bit limited here, so I can’t really dive in and describe each exercise in complete detail, but I hope you find what I have space to proportion enlightening and inspiring!

1 – Write to your future self

As someone who manages a psychic and spiritual growth community myself, I can tell you that many of the very best specialized psychics and mediums use this practice in their own lives, in addition as to help guide clients in addition. Simply take a blank notebook, a pen, and a safe space and begin to write. Close your eyes for a few moments before hand, and if you meditate already, this is as great way to get into the spiritual (or holy) space where images, impressions and insights from your future will begin to appear.

2 – Opening Your Ethereal Eyes

This is a bit harder to describe in a short use, but requires that you count backwards from 10 to 1, while taking a series of thorough breaths, and with your eyes closed. When you get to 1, very quickly open your “ethereal” eyes with your physical eyes closed. Essentially, you are going to tap into the bright and beautiful visual field that appears in your awareness with eyes closed, and project yourself by time to see how your life unfolds. (including helping to make major decisions you are struggling with right now)

3 – Use Tarot Cards or other Spiritually Symbolic Tools

The truth is, there are many tools that can help you see, sense and feel the future if your own inner guidance isn’t getting it done. Tarot, for example… is a symbolic tool, and however it can be uncanny how accurate it is for seeing, sensing and revealing life stages and challenges. Psychometry, or the art of reading the energy from physical objects, is also an amazing way to get insight about your future, and the unfolding of your life purpose in addition.

The big secret most psychics won’t proportion?

You don’t have to be born special to enhance your awareness and increase your intuition at ANY age. I have seen people go from hard chief skeptics to true blue believers, simply by opening their eyes to the magic, meaning and mystery in every moment. When you begin to pay attention to what lies beyond, amazing things will begin to happen… I potential!

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