3 Ways to Use Cold Reading to Attract Women


Have you ever observed a horoscope reader do his thing on television? He sits there and says “Aries will experience emotional stress; while Pisces will see a few of his plans come to fruition”. There may be millions of people around born under these astrological signs so how come everyone nevertheless thinks the horoscope is authentic? clearly, it’s because general statements like these can make an impact on everyone if said a certain way. The good news for you is that you can apply the same rule in allurement.

3 Tips on How to Use Cold Reading to Seduce a Girl

1. Connect With Her Emotionally

Cold reading involves making a statement that is so profound; it’s probably true for most women that you meet. For example, you can say, ‘you’re the kind to expose your emotions when you’re in love, already though you close yourself off to others at times’. The effect of this kind of statement on women is amazing. First, rapport goes by the roof. Second, the woman opens up her desires and thoughts to you.

The bottom line is that you make her see you in a different light. If the girl is attractive, she probably had her proportion of insensitive men who are only after her looks. You can bet that she will gladly sleep with a sensitive guy like you. It takes a certain finesse to get this right, but if you practice this a little and do your research on horoscopes or palm reading, you can pull it off.

2. Use Cold Reading to Find Out More About Her

Cold reading is a technique that involves using ambiguous statements to find out more about another person. The idea revolves around the fact that the other person assumes you know more about him or her already when you’ve just met.

How can cold reading increase your chances of dating beautiful women? The main rule involves a mysterious look that makes her feel like you know her inside out by giving out sentences like any psychic would. If you can convince her that you know something about her that she may not know herself, she will feel like you’re reading her mind. This will make her feel closer to you and show some things she wouldn’t typically tell others, like her wild side.

3. Use Cold Reading to Push the Sex Talk

Women have a lot of societal issues, and you can make a play on that by saying “you feel repressed because you cannot show your true desires because of what others might say about you”. Society does not condone promiscuity for women, at the minimum much less than it does for men. But the reality is that women have sexual desires that they need to repress, and they’re just longing to bring out. So, cold reading is a good way to convey that her secret is safe with you and that you’re comfortable with the any sexual secret she may have.

Cold reading is different from, but should be done with, warm reading. Warm reading is creating conversation out of the things she already told you about. Cold reading is all about making educated guesses. When you do cold reading and get a girl to open up, you can follow it up with warm reading so that she opens up some more. Warm reading is about the facts that she herself told you, and these can be mixed and equaled with a cold reading statement for you to sound more genuine.

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