7 Guidelines for Developing Symbolic Sight


Symbolic Sight is the ability to use your intuition to interpret the strength signs in your life.

Interpreting these strength signs allows us to see and understand more regarding the circumstances surrounding our life and to understand the Truth of it all.

It is when we ‘see and understand’ more of what’s happening in our life that the healing needed in both our personal life and that of the world can begin.

Following are a 7 guidelines for using your intuition in interpreting strength signs in your life and for developing Symbolic Sight. . .

1) Everyday bring your attention to the challenges you have and to how your spirit and mind respond to these challenges. Observe what causes you to lose strength, to lose energy.

2) Think of yourself as an energy being, in addition as a physical being. And, remember if you want to see things in a certain way, you will interfere with your reception of energy information. You have to be open to seeing people, things and circumstances for what they are. . . the truth of it!

3) Conduct energy self-evaluations on a daily basis. Learn to sense stress accumulating in your energy field, and take steps to heal yourself at the energy level. I utilize the energy of Reiki for this.

4) When you discover an energy leak ask yourself, “why am I losing strength?” include both your mind and your heart in answering this question. . . your intuition.

5) Learn ‘what’ instead of who is drawing energy from you. Understand that the person you think is drawing strength, energy from you is truly only a reflection of some part of yourself. You are falling into fear and blame when you think that a specific person is depleting your energy!

6) Simplify your requirements for healing. Think of illness as a strength disorder. Make at all event changes are necessary for healing to begin. . . leave the stressful job or marriage, learn an different kind energy healing practice, do something fun you’ve always wanted to do, and combine these things with proper traditional medical care, if needed. Be sure to use shared sense and good judgment as to your medical needs.

7) Simplify your spirituality. . . believe and practice simple and eternal Truths. The simpler your spiritual beliefs, the less stressful and more in tune with the real you they are.

Achieving health, happiness and a balance of energy depends on focusing more on the positive than the negative and living in a manner that is spiritually aligned with what we know is the Truth.

Symbolic Sight. . . the ability to see by physical illusions, learn of our strength signs and how they effect our lives and recognition of the lessons being offered by our life challenges. . . is developed when we are able to learn the Truth and to allow our Divinity to work within and by us.

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