Are the LA Clippers Cursed With Draft Picks?

Just when it seemed like things were finally starting to turn a corner for the LA Clippers, things once again got worse. Should fans really be surprised by this at this point?

We’re talking about a franchise that has consistently struggled over the years, never living up to the team they proportion an arena with in the Lakers. The Clippers simply can’t catch a break, and the most recent news surely doesn’t help their cause.

Blake Griffin was a hyped up prospect and the best college player in the nation last year. Having won the lottery and the first pick, LA chosen this collegiate sensation and the future looked much brighter for the team.

With Baron Davis, Marcus Camby, Chris Kaman, and Eric Gordon playing alongside him, not to mention some other talented players, it looked as if the Clips could finally throw together a competitive team.

Unfortunately, Griffin broke his kneecap shortly before the season started, and the prognosis was that he would miss a few months to start the season. This was clearly a sharp blow to the team.

Things began to look a bit more positive recently when it was revealed that Griffin was on his way to recovery and almost ready to begin again playing. It seemed like it’d be another week or two and he’d be back in action.

Unfortunately, Griffin felt some knee pain during his rehab, prompting medical officials to recommend surgery to cure the issue. This surgery will effectively end his season, and you have to surprise if it may impact his future ability to continue at his complete possible.

In the past, this team struggled with first picks in Danny Manning and Michael Olowokandi. More recently, Shaun Livingston was a first rounder who experienced an injury that effectively ruined his career just when it looked like he was getting it together. Clippers fans have had it rough, and this year seems to be no exception to that rule.

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