Become a CTI Golden Trader by Proper Education

Become a CTI Golden Trader by Proper Education

What if I told you you could become a Golden Trader? What is a Golden Trader, you might be wondering? No, it isn’t anything to do with the Olympics before you get excited. It is an opportunity to become a City Traders Funded Trader, or CTI Funded trader for short.

But typically, it takes about 5 years to become a specialized trader. I’ll explain: usually, it takes about 2 years to become consistently profitable while being confident. The 5 year mark is when you become a specialized level where you have enough skill and approximately enough knowledge like a specialized. Meaning to become an elite trader, it takes about 10 years, 15 years, or already 20 years.

However, there is a more efficient way to do this. instead of having you take 5 years to become a specialized trader, we can get you there in 1 year. How? by our HPT Mastermind Program.

Remember I mentioned it takes about 5 years to become a specialized? approximately 1%-5% of traders make it, and as you make think about the 10 year, 15 year, 20 year mark, fewer traders make it. And no, this is not all traders. This applies to retail traders like yourself.

The top retail traders tend to be those that learned from specialized traders who passed the industry knowledge and meaningful principles such as trading psychology and risk management to them. With our HPT Mastermind Program, you will get this alongside the opportunity to have a trading career with by becoming a CTI Funded Trader by assistance from exponential growth. That is what we average when we say we say you have an opportunity to become Golden Trader.

How does the HPT Mastermind Program condense 5 years into 1 year? It is quite straightforward. Firstly we teach you the chief essentials. typically new traders use the first year or two wasting time learning the bare basics and learning how things work. Which becomes unnecessarily elongated when you do not have any reference point.

We cut that short and deliver these bare basics very swiftly and answer any questions as and when you have them so you can get to the meat of trading sooner. Further, you have access to all our resources and exclusive content, so already if you are more progressive you can jump to the content that matches your level from the outset.

Next, you given direct access to specialized traders who are active in the markets. This is something many people using free supplies do not have. You can ask questions and have the peace of mind someone knowledgeable and experienced will be dedicated to answering your questions and will want enhance your understanding of how the Forex market works.

This is not an HPT Mastermind Program for nothing. You have access to masterminds, and we want to ensure you feel like a mastermind too! On that observe, you will also have a community of traders, not just traders, but you will also notice some of these traders are CTI funded traders and others are like you looking to become a Golden Trader or are Golden Traders already.

Not many establishments can boast the bubbling trading community we have, as the COVID-19 pandemic showed us, having a sense of community is vital and having a group of likeminded individuals to keep you motivated with your trading journey will help.

Another attractive aspect of the HPT Mastermind Program is the fact you will have good trading habits instilled into you. On your own, you have to learn them on your own and it is very much on your own shoulders. This is why many traders wash out, as they do not know what to do and how to start because they without the structure.

With the HPT Mastermind, you will be given that structure, you will have accountability meetings with your allocated trading coach who will help you understand the importance of trading principles.

Why are we so invested in helping you become a Golden Trader and understanding our trading principles?

I know I have mentioned you “have the opportunity to become a CTI funded trader” often, but this is where it comes in. You will have the opportunity to trade our capital. This is where you will put into action all you have learned.

Does it sound daunting?

It might, put let me give you some perspective. By this point you would have learned the meaningful principles of trading, you would have worked on your trade plan and been made aware of an assortment of basic and technical tools you could utilise to build your trading plan.

You will also learn the meaningful principles of trading psychology and responsible risk management.

Does propelling your trading career sound attractive? Then check out the HPT Mastermind Program!

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