Big Promises and Little Returns

Big Promises and Little Returns

This is what Web hosting is today. They potential enormous amounts of web space, unlimited bandwidth and a whole bunch of other things that nobody will ever use. How many of us have a site that needs over 1 gig of space or how about 10+ gigs of bandwidth each month. Then they offer us the ability to great number all of our sites under one account, unlimited MYSQL databases, unlimited email accounts, scripts, blogs, and a large number of other things that most people will never use unless maybe we are all the size of a walmart or something. They all potential us everything under the sun these days but when it comes time for us to get these things they disappear very quickly and we have to submit a ticket that somebody in India might answer.

Why are we paying for more than we’ll ever use. We want hosting in the US with good tech sustain, live chat, and somebody locally that will answer our tickets that we submit. Have you ever noticed how you will pay to get a Joomla site setup for you or how about for WordPress. Why are we consistently paying for so much when we only need so little. Does anybody ever have requirements like these? I don’t already think WalMart needs this kind of bandwidth or ebspace. Last Xmas I maybe had a requirement of 25 gigs of bandwidth and all the other months were way less than 1 gig. The ideal hosting solution would be one where you only pay for what you need at a time. I always make sure they are local companies, in the USA, with a phone number, live chat sustain and tech sustain that isn’t in some country like India

Why should we be paying for things that none will ever use. A good great number only needs to have good training videos Why do these hosting companies offer so much, they realize that 99% of their customers will never need this much. I recently saw one hosting company offering 750 gigs of space and unlimited bandwidth. All of my sites combined don’t get anywhere near 750 gigs or go beyond using 1 gig of bandwidth per month. If I needed this kind of space I garnet that the hosting company would tell me to go in other places. The over promising of space is just a marketing technique. Hell I have recolor hosting with my provider that I will never need, all I need are just add on domains. My son has a video site and he doesn’t need more than just 60 gigs of space. Most hosting companies in the US do not allow video or streaming audio. From now on I will be hosting with companies like 1hostguy where I will only pay for what I need. They offer Cpanel, Fantastico, and WordPress and Joomla what more could I ask for?

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