BSN’s N.O. Xplode – Consumed on an Empty Stomach

BSN’s N.O. Xplode – Consumed on an Empty Stomach

I’m currently on N.O. Xplode and I notice that the label says that I should consume it on an empty stomach.. is it okay if I take them together with my pre-workout meal, which consists of a protein shake?

Ok.. I think its about time I address this issue before it gets outta hand. N.O. Xplode needs to be consumed on an EMPTY STOMACH, which method the last meal you have had must be at the minimum 2 hours before that. So, NO, its not okay to consume it together with your protein shake as you’ll only reduce it’s effectiveness.

I’ve lost count on the emails and text messages and phone calls I’ve received over the past few weeks from my friends who need help with BSN’s supplements – N.O. Xplode in particular. To all those who have had N.O. Xplode truly EXPLODE in their faces while mixing… didnt I tell you NOT to shake it in the shaker, but to STIR it with a spoon? To those of you who have had Xplode stain their clothes, explode in their gym locker, mess up their kitchen, and explode in their car (ok.. this was me.. haha) – honestly, you guys are an amusing bunch.

Well, I must let in, it can be tricky to those of you who dont time or monitor your meals as closely as I do. For example, my meals are always approximately 3 hours apart, and I will only drink large amounts of water 2 hours after any meal cos it takes about 2 hours for the contents of your stomach to clear – petty things that I sometimes take quite seriously.

I have a friend who wakes up in the morning, has 2 slices of bread and heads to the gym closest to workout.. how is he supposed to squeeze N.O. Xplode into his schedule then, cos he needs to consume it on an empty stomach? That was exactly his question to me when he started supplementing with Xplode.

Then there are those of you who eat whenever you’re hungry, and sometimes skip meals altogether, or just grab a quick bite just to fill your stomach before your workout.. once again – how do you squeeze Xplode into your schedule since it must be consumed on an empty stomach before your workout?

A bit tricky, but it just needs a bit of getting used to.

For the past few months, I’ve been consuming a protein shake before my workouts in addition. There is scientific research which indicates that taking protein before lifting weights may be just as important, if not more so, than taking it right afterwards.

When you lift weights, the bloodflow to your working muscles increases dramatically and this helps ‘push’ any circulating amino acids into the muscle cells. But you need to have adequate amino acids circulating in your blood to optimize this effect. This is why you should eat some protein (protein is made of amino acids) before working out. This will sustain faster muscle growth.. and who doesn’t want that?

Ok, so for those of you who are a little confused and find it difficult manipulating your time, having your protein shakes AND supplementing with NO-Xplode, here’s what I suggest you do:

(1) 60 minutes before your workout, have your protein shake – mixed with water, and not milk. (milk takes longer to digest, and you want it to digest quickly to make room for Xplode).

(2) 30 minutes after your protein shake, take your NO-Xplode (however many scoops you usually require). Your pre-workout protein shake would have cleared/digested as it’s only liquid, and wont take up to 2 hours like an ordinary meal for you to unprotected to an empty stomach.

(3) If you’re also supplementing with Cellmass, consume 1 serving closest after your workout. Cellmass is BSN’s post-workout creatine supplement to replace creatine stores lost during training, speed up recovery, volumise muscle cells, increase muscle density/hardness, and lotsa other funky stuff.

(4) 30 minutes after consuming Cellmass, consume your post-workout protein shake/meal.

*The above schedule was derived from the facts obtainable at

I hope this clears the confusion people.. Good luck! Drop me a observe here if there are any specific questions you’d like answered on N.O. Xplode. Will try my best to help.

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