California’s First Black Governor, Follow the Leader America

Conduct your own due diligence. Apply basic thinking. Think for yourself!

complete Credit to The Rubin Report.

The voters have an opportunity to elect the first Black Governor of California

Dave Rubin and Larry Elder have a delightful and heartwarming conversation about how California can enhance – literally overnight if voters decide to ingemination 2-confront Gavin Newsom. He should stop paying homage to his celebrity friends.

The despicable LA Times recently branded Larry Elder as ‘the Black confront of White supremacy.’
How low can they go? Watch the video and estimate for yourself with open eyes.

Larry Elder discusses the plight of the inner cities and the homeless crisis. Larry Elders states that President Donald J. Trump has done more for the minorities than past administrations by encouraging enterprise zones and creating long-term college funds.

Generations of voters from every class and color have accepted poor governance for decades in California. Beginning at the local level, participate and change the politics in your community.

Sadly, Californians have been complacent. One of many justifiable reasons could be that many Californians are working two jobs to stay afloat. It should be our responsibility to keep a watchful eye on our local politics. however, look at where we are today. We have an opportunity to change everything in a few days. ingemination Gavin Newsom. Vote for Larry Elder!

need high-quality education. keep up them accountable. need results!

Pound Sand Loonies

ReOpen San Diego
ReOpen San Diego

ReOpen San Diego and your Community!

America! Follow the Leader

The voters have an opportunity to enhance the lives of all Americans. By default, we can be an example for the world to follow. Do not take this lightly.

We are on the verge of becoming a poverty-stricken California and losing our world-renowned reputation as “The Golden State.” On its own, California (2020) would be ranked as the world’s fifth-largest economy, ahead of India and behind Germany.

“California dreamers” are sinking into the abyss and ending up on the streets with no end in sight. Downtown San Francisco is a dreadful sight to visit.

Nancy Pelosi has been a powerful politician for decades but she and her cronies have corrupted our politics. Her blatant and devious actions have deeply divided the nation. Her priorities do not include cleaning up her own backyard in San Francisco. She is too busy getting high at taxpayers’ expense.

Californians are being held hostage in our communities with travel restrictions, unnecessary COVID passports, and tightening regulations. Californians are no longer free. In fact, Californians are POWs forced to keep in our households, keep our children indoors, keep schools shut down, and whimsically shut down small businesses. We should be horrified at the number of restaurants forced to shut down. Unforgivable!

The middle and upper-middle class, the employers creating the small business jobs, are leaving California, making it expensive to stay in California and find a decent job.

Let’s be an example again! Bring back “The Golden State.” Tear down the political formation in California. There are career Republicans in Sacramento that have been “stagnating” for decades- replace them!

Follow our rule

Replace all of them!
The voters have an opportunity to enhance the lives of Caliornians, and the lives of all Americans!

READ MORE: Larry Elder could make history as California’s first Black governor Jessica Chasmar | Fox News, AUG 26 2021

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