Can Memory Foam Really Be "Eco Friendly"?

Can Memory Foam Really Be "Eco Friendly"?

Eco Sense memory foam is the new kid in town when it comes to “green” foam technology. Casting one of the lowest carbon footprint of any other foam made in North America this 100% castor plant based foam is much different than other so called “green memory foam” because those are soy based foams.

The possible health issues around the use of typical tempur-kind memory foam is something I’ve been screaming about for years. My company specializes in latex foam mattresses for that very reason, the all natural design. But the need for memory foam has overshadowed the need for latex foam due to all the late night marketing techniques by the largest Swedish foam manufacturers and public awareness has been dwarfed by nothing more than hype. All one has to do is Google memory foam complaints and there will be thousands to choose from.

Finally someone has answered the bell and came out swinging. As we all know, memory foam is hot to sleep on. The air gets retained and reflects your body heat back at you. Great if you live in Alaska. Not so great if you live in Phoenix like myself. The other big complaint is the smell. Overwhelmed by the petrochemicals that have been retained inside the plastic and carton will you be when your new bed is delivered. Most memory foam manufacturers will warn you to let it air out for a associate of days before sleeping on it. WHAT? The new Eco Sense memory foam has none of those drawbacks but however retains all the benefits memory foam lovers have come to expect.

This new eco-friendly memory foam is made of 100% castor plant which grows in semi-dry regions like Africa. The by-products are used to satisfy hungry cattle in those areas. It is manufactured in facilities using activated carbon scrubbers which leaves one of the smallest carbon footprints in North America. When soy based foams were introduced everyone was quick to claim this as the answer to “green foam” technology. Soy is one of Brazil’s largest exports and to make room for more crops they are destroying the rain forests! Where’s the eco-friendliness in that?

Eco-friendly, odorless, non-toxic, is what makes Eco Sense different from the rest. 3 kinds of cooling is what really makes this product so cool, pardon the pun. Dynamic Cooling, natural open-cell structure for flowing air movement my convection, allowing the bed to breathe and consequently staying cooler. Latent Cooling, foam absorbs heat to foster more comfortable sleep. Greater heat conductivity, reduces heat capacity in mattress.

Lastly, add in a 100% natural bamboo fiber cover and you have THE most eco-friendly memory foam mattress on the planet. This cover is 100% biodegradable, resists bacteria, fungi and dust mites, and contains no unhealthy chemicals. It is 4 times more absorbent than cotton which method it will wick away moisture for a more comfortable sleep. Bamboo fibers are also softer than cotton and however stronger than synthetics. This is NOT your typical hot, toxic, tempur-kind memory foam. A new dawn has arrived in the mattress world.

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