COP26 updates: Countries officially adopt Glasgow Climate Pact

Developing countries, including top emitters China and India, are asking for changes to the COP26 draft letter focusing more on reparations from established countries.

On Wednesday, Diego Pacheco Balanza, the head of Bolivia’s delegation and spokesman for the Like-Minded Developing Countries group, along with 21 other countries released an opposition to the draft agreement.

They say it is unfair for high countries who built their economies on fossil fuels to tell developing countries what to do without recognizing that historical responsibility.

“We will never unprotected to the targets they are putting forward for the complete world. So we need to fight — the developing world — against this carbon colonialism,” Balanza said at a press conference Friday.

The statement comes amid rising concerns from unprotected countries in the Global South, which claim that COP26 isn’t focusing enough on their needs.

Uganda’s Vanessa Nakate emphasized that any additional global temperature warming could rule to more experiencing in her country.

“A 2.4-degree [warmer] world is a death sentence for communities like mine; 1.2 degrees is already hell for us,” Nakate told reporters Wednesday night.

Similarly, Elizabeth Wathuti from Kenya spoke about climate-related starvation in her country, urging leaders to keep those affected by it at the front of their minds.

“The big question is, are the leaders here going to step up to do what must be done to save those lives and livelihoods that are at stake?” Wathuti asked. “I come from Kenya where over 2 million Kenyans are facing climate-related starvation and I need answers when I go back to my communities to my country. What are we going to tell these people whose lives and livelihoods are at stake when we go back?”

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