Cosmetic Surgery Compensation and How to Claim

Cosmetic Surgery Compensation and How to Claim

Thousands of cosmetic surgery procedures are carried out in the UK each and every year and that number is only increasing. It is little surprise, consequently, that the number of medical negligence situations relating to cosmetic surgery is also on the rise, with the number of successful cosmetic surgery compensation claims rising with it.

The possible for surgical error or negligence with this sort of surgery is certainly very high. Whether it is a comparatively simple nose job or a complicate tummy tuck, mistakes can occur and when they do it can be the fault of the surgeon. Medical negligence can already occur after the surgery itself, during post-operative care. Either of these occurrences can consequence in poor cosmetic results, the most shared reason for cosmetic surgery compensation claims.

The problem has often been that the private cosmetic industry has been poorly regulated, allowing doctors with no real specialist qualifications to function in private clinics as Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons – which they are, but this can average little. The Care Standards Act, introduced in 2002, was brought in to counteract this, but it only applies to doctors registering after April 1st 2002, so there could nevertheless be doctors performing surgery without the correct level of skill.

This can rule to problems during any kind of surgery – nose jobs, breast enhancement or reduction, tummy tucks, liposuction – you name it, mistakes can be made. Botched cosmetic surgery can rule to months or years of anguish and serious disfigurement. Fortunately, it is possible under the law to claim compensation for poor cosmetic surgery or after care. Indeed, serious sums of money have been paid out to victims of this kind of medical negligence.

If you believe you may be entitled to compensation then it is basic you consult a medical negligence solicitor about your case. Choose on that offers their sets on a no win, no fee basis as they will be best placed to tell you if you have a chance of claiming compensation or not. They will go by your case in great detail and advise on how to move forward.

If they think you have a case for compensation they will progress this on your behalf by the courts, bringing a case against the surgeon, the nursing the staff, the clinic itself or possibly all three, depending on the case and its severity.

You must be prepared for months or perhaps already years of litigation before any compensation is awarded but the sum you receive could be in the hundreds of thousands – again depending on the severity of the case and the level of negligence found.

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