Countdown Counter For WordPress

Countdown Counter For WordPress


WordPress powerful plugin for creating countdown, counter and timer for increase the conversion of purchases, creating a deficit effect by one of the following ways:

  • by limiting units in the consignment of goods obtainable to order online at a reduced cost;
  • creation of special offers, which are valid for a limited time;
  • social evidence demonstration of the goods or sets demands.

Also, use counter solely as a marketing tool. To do it, turn on the sessions mode. It prevents resetting counters when you refresh the page.
The WordPress plugin for displaying countdowns, counters, and timers has such features:

  • impact on clients, hiding or showing a trade offer at the time of the counter or timer finish;
  • create an unlimited number of counters and timers with individual settings of styles and demonstrated information;
  • choose the most powerful kind of impact by limiting time or quantity of goods obtainable;
  • create a countdown before the set afloat of the site, the announcement of a new product service, the start of sales, or any other event;
  • start online sales counters, demonstrating the popularity of your product or service to the buyer, who doubts. For credibility, the plugin uses the generation of random numbers.

More details about plugin capabilities.

Configure the style of the counter as you whish. For a closer interaction with the visitor, set personal names for demonstrated fields, kind of number separator – colon, comma, dash, slash, or a straight line.
Adjust the growth or decline of the timer index by setting it inappropriate intervals – minutes, seconds, or fractions. For counter set increase or decline in demonstrated numbers and their step changes.
WordPress plugin ‘Counter Box Pro’ sets the initial and final value of the counter and demonstrable action at reaching the target. When tracking user sessions, you can set an interval at which the countdown will start over again.
Increase the value of sold goods or sets in the eyes of a possible buyer with the timer, before transferring visitors to the ordering page. Redirection can be set individually for each timer or counter.


  • Unlimited items: no limited to the number of counter;
  • 6 different types of counter: Countdown to date, Count from date, Countdown to week day, Timer, Timer for each user, Counter;
  • Timzone: set your local timezone for the counter;
  • Randomizer: randomizer is the rare characterize that lets your counter appear extremely realistic;
  • Highly Customizable: build a more powerful and influential style for your counter. Change fonts, colors, size for each component of counter;
  • Live Editor: creating the counter style live;
  • Vanilla JS: without using jQuery library;
  • Powerful triggers: Hide Block, Show Block, Redirect, Hide the counter box, Show the message, Call any function;
  • Delimiter of number: divide the digits of the counter into digits;
  • Scheduling: add scheduling options to your counter. With multiple schedule types, you can precisely schedule your counter in just a few minutes; Show counter depending on language (allows creating multi-language);
  • Show counter depending on user (for all users, only for logged-in users, only for not logged-in users);

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