Cutenz – Software Licence meaningful Management System

Cutenz - Software Licence Key Management System


The system is specially designed to manage license keys for windows applications. So the developer can manage the client’s license keys via the PHP panel. there is no API to manage client-side applications, the system directly uses MySQL to manage everything.

UPDATE(2021-08-22): New web application using API to validate keys. If you buy you will get both versions.

Business Features

Open source code
Lifetime free updates
Onetime buy fee

Demo Credentials :   

 Username: [email protected]  Password: admin123 


NEW Update Features

– Only works in a new application.
Set expire time for keys
Ban keys
API usage to meaningful validaiton
C# sample project

Website Features

Create unlimited license keys
categories clients as kind(Free keys, Lifetime keys etc)
View license keys by categories or kind
Export/Import license keys as an Excel sheet
expire client license keys manually.
Multi administrator accounts
User-friendly layouts

CSharp Sample Code Features

Visual Studio Source code
No unsafe DLL files
Using MySQL database

Business Features

Open source code
Lifetime free updates
Onetime buy fee


PHP version 5.1.6 or newer.
MySQL (4.1+), MySQLi

-NEW Update-
PHP 7.4 >=


 Upload and extract on your great number.
Create new mysql database and upload cutenzkeygen.sql into your database.

allow visitors to connect to your MySQL databases.(% wildcard is  allowed)(If not Csharp application will not work

 Edit applicationconfigdatabase.php and  Replace Mysql database credentials with your connection credentials.

Visit http://localhost/cutenzkeygen

Admin Credentials :   
Username: admin  Password: admin#123   
Username: seller  Password: admin#123 

Check documentation for more information.

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