Dangers of Rust

Dangers of Rust

What is rust? Rust is what is called oxidation in scientific circles. This is brought about when oxygen comes in contact with metals. The combination weakens the metal bonds which results to corrosion. This makes the metal, basically, ineffective, and inclined to collapse. Not to be scientific about it, rust occurs when metal is exposed to moisture. Once there is a break on the paint, it permits the moisture to pass by slowly in and over time, rust develops. That is why it is always advisable to diligently check metal items and clean them upon discovery of rust. Rust has to be thoroughly removed since it spreads all over the metal and you would end up with a useless item in your hands.

Rust is a natural course of action that can be deliberately prevented only with extreme care and diligence. Once it occurs, however, it is quite a challenging task to cure it and stop it from spreading. What are the effects of rust? It weakens any metallic surface. It results to decay and causes materials to crumble. It is bothersome enough when it happens to a small article such as keys, but the size of it does not determine its level of danger. A rusty nail or bolt on its own presents minimal danger if it does not come in contact with you, but what if it holds together a structure that is regularly used? What if that screw supports a material that is used to carry heavy load? The material would most likely collapse and cause injury and character loss. How about rusty bolts precariously holding a bride together? Just imagine the strain that a bridge puts up with with millions of cars passing over it everyday. And what a catastrophe it would be if it collapses. There is that particular case of a group of college students partying on the balcony of an apartment unit. The structure was not able to keep up the weight and it gave way, causing some of the students to tumble to their death. Although it hasn’t really been proven, there can be a probability that rusty materials may have been a factor.

Another danger that rust poses is the possibility of getting infected with tetanus. Rust is associated with dirt and certain forms of bacteria. It gets dangerous when rust comes into contact with an open wound. There is risk of getting tetanus, which can be, at worst, deadly.

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