Different Types of Football Memorabilia

Different Types of Football Memorabilia

specialized football is growing in popularity each year. consequently, it is not uncommon to see loyal football fans spending their time and money on football collectibles such as NFL mini helmets. These precious memorabilia are truly a great way of showing how they truly value and love their hometown team or favorite player.

Collecting football NFL helmets can be an exciting and social pastime for any specialized football enthusiast. The excitement begins when the football fanatic tries to hunt for the collectibles that are regarded as hard finds such as an autographed helmets or jerseys of a favorite player. It can also be socially advantageous when this activity initiates exchanges of collectibles among fellow collectors which leads to valued friendships. If collecting football memorabilia seems interesting for you, then here is a list of some football collectibles you can consider buying.

o Football cards

The most popular football collectible will probably be football cards. Like baseball cards, these cards are inexpensive but its value increases over time. An American football card is a kind of trading card much like a baseball card. It is usually printed on paper or card stock. These cards may include bubblegum or a special edition player card. Typically it has the stats of an American football player and a very popular collectible for kids.

o Throwback jerseys and jackets

Jackets and jerseys are very nice football collectibles. It is much more special if it is a throwback jersey. These garments are exact replicas of the style worn by famous football teams of the past.

o Bobble head dolls of your favorite player

These bobble head dolls are made to resemble the football player it is portraying. These are three dimensional dolls that come complete with tattoos, specific hairstyles and already scars that match those of their real life counterparts.

o Posters and photographs of famous football players.

Collectors also love signed photographs and posters of their favorite NFL player. There are also obtainable rare posters that characterize all of the original Super Bowl tickets of the whole season.

o Autographed NFL mini helmets and replica helmets

Football helmets signed by your favorite football player will cost hundred of dollars especially if the player is the winning quarterback of the team that won the latest Super Bowl.

Football memorabilia comes in many forms and sizes. It can be simple ticket stubs of all the NFL games you’ve attended to the most expensive helmet collectibles you can buy. There is almost an endless possibility but it is most important that you learn to take care of them. buy storage equipment such as characterize situations for your collectible helmets to ensure it will last long and you can guarantee its safety.

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