Digital Projector Rental – Choosing The Right Projector For The Job

Digital Projector Rental – Choosing The Right Projector For The Job

The digital dramatical change is here.Digital projectors are now the important presentation devices used for photography shows, classroom instruction and high-end meetings due to their ability to deliver crisp, clean and saturated images. Such crisp, bright images displayed by digital projectors capture and keep up an audiences attention and that makes a difference whether you’re using your companies smallest meeting room or its biggest auditorium.

According to Digital Projector Paybacks, 90 percent of business survey participants said digital lcd projectors gave them an enhanced ability to persuade during presentations. Digital projectors make large-extent presentations easy to coordinate. They can plug directly into your computer/laptop, DVD player or video camera and many come equipped with far away controls and laser pointers for ease of presenter operation. Ideal for strength point presentations, seminars, boardroom meetings and promotional events, can you provide not to utilize the presentation technology of a digital projector for your next sales pitch, conference of exhibition?

While the benefits of using digitally projected images to enhance your presentation are obvious, the buy price of a digital projector and the high cost of substitute lamps are a obstacle to many businesses, however there is an different, lcd digital projector rental. For a fraction of the buy price businesses can hire all the necessary equipment to transform their presentation or promotion into a state of the art audiovisual experience.

Lcd digital projector rental provides you with the flexibility to choose the right product for the job but there are many factors to consider when making that choice including the aspect ratio, room size, screen size and color, projector throw distance and luminosity.

Digital Projector Features

Aspect ratio refers to the dimensions of the image produced by the projector. Not to be confused with the size of the projected image on the screen, aspect ratio basically sets the shape of the image. There are three standard aspect ratios. For data presentations and video the standard aspect ratio is (4:3), For wide screen images such as HDTV, DVD and a growing number of satellite and web based TV broadcasters the standard aspect ratio is (16:9). The third and least used aspect ratio is (1:1), or squares. Commonly used to present overhead transparencies in a digital format, this aspect ratio has limited functionality in today’s wide screen world

When considering digital projector rental screen size and color does matter. First you need to make sure your screen has the same aspect ratio as the projector otherwise your image will not fit the screen making your presentation look second rate. While most rental digital projectors have variable aspect control allowing you to manually choose the aspect ratio that best suits your imaging, converting an image which is meant to be projected in HDTV format (16:9) to another aspect ratio so it will fit on the screen, will impact on the quality of the image. Always err on the side of caution and double check with the projector rental company to ensure the form you hire has the desired aspect control format and control and comes with a screen to match. If you are going to be projecting in a dark ecosystem choose a white screen or alternatively in a bright ecosystem choose a black screen.

Understanding the relationship between room size, screen size, throw distance and luminosity is crucial to making the right lcd digital projector rental choice. Getting the formula wrong can have disastrous effects on the quality of your presentation.

Just remember that the size of your room determines all other factors and apply this simple formula. The minimum distance a person should be seated from the projected image to allow the human eye to focus on the whole screen should be at the minimum two screen widths. The maximum distance a viewer should be seated from the projected image is six times the width of the screen.

Once you have worked out the screen size and color required, you would need to find a digital projector with an appropriate throw distance. Throw distance refers to the maximum allowable distance between the projector and the projector screen before engaging quality compromises. Most standard lcd digital projector rentals are adequate for office or boardroom presentations, however if you are considering a presentation in a large venue or arena you may need to look to a specialized stage and lighting company The point to remember is the bigger the room the greater the throw distance required.

The final point when considering digital projector hire is luminosity. Luminosity refers to the brightness of the projected image. The higher the lumens of the projector the brighter the image. The standard modern lcd projector has a minimum lumen rating of about 1500 lumens. While this is more than adequate for an indoor ecosystem with dimmed lighting, if you are planning on using the projector in an outdoor ecosystem or a well-lit building such as a shopping centeryou will need a projector with at the minimum 3000 lumens.

LCD digital projector rental is a cost effective solution to your presentation or promotional needs which greatly enhances your persuasive capabilities with clients. Don’t get left behind by your competition, your presentation sells an image, so make it a good one with the sustain of LCD digital projector imagery.

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