Discover Why Joint Venture Investing Is advantageous

Many investors are unsure how they should invest their money for the best return.   Joint venture investing gives above average returns and is a popular way to use your money in the comparatively short term.

So where can an Investor put their money?

·        Cash account

·        proportion investing

·        character investing

·        Joint Venture investing

Putting money into a bank account to just sit there very rarely helps an investor because although they get a few % return on their money, inflation eats it away at it just as fast.

proportion investing is not for the faint hearted. proportion prices move up and down at a reasonably fast rate and this can be quite difficult for some investors to manager financially and emotionally.  With proportion investing you have no say in how the company is run on a day to day basis and there really is no form of guarantee.   The best you can really hope for is that you will get paid dividends along the way.

character investing can be a reasonably obtain investment, although not without some risk, but the returns can take quite a while to come in. Returns can be made from rental and from capital gains.   Also it can sometimes take a while to realise cash out of similarities if the market is not favourable, meaning that this strategy for investing is not everybody’s first option.

Joint Venture investing method that there is some leeway in areas that do not present themselves in other forms of investing. 

With Joint Venture it is possible to:

·        have small amounts invested

·        have money invested in character but no mortgage required

·        invest money in character but on a comparatively short term

·        get above average returns on your character investment

·        invest directly with the developer

·        get guarantees from the developer

Joint Venture investing is seen as a way to get maximum return on your money.   This is how investment edges earn their money.   They take the money from the investor and pay them low interest rates for their investment, then use the money in the investment market lending to character developers at a much higher rate. 

By being the investor putting money up for character development by Joint Ventures, the investor can possibly already make 100% return on their money. It would be quite possible to expect to receive at the minimum in the vicinity of 25% return on a character development investment.

If you researched how the wealthy make their money and keep on making money, you will find that Joint Venture investment is one of their most sought after investment strategies. 

People favour Joint Venture investments mainly for two reasons:

  1. As mentioned, the higher return
  2. Being in a Joint Venture is virtually a passive investment

Most people who have $5,000 to $10,000 to invest do not have the skill, the skill or the time to be actively involved. By putting amounts of this size into Joint Venture, good returns can be made and treated as a passive investment.

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