Do Flies Serve Any Purpose Or Are They Just Useless and bothersome?

There are very few things more bothersome than a bunch of flies buzzing around the house, while you ‘re trying to sleep. It almost seems like they ‘re a joke of character, designed specifically to excursion you crazy. They buzz around the room making an incredibly bothersome sound, at a grating frequency, and on top of that, they land on your food or body. And if these were not enough, they can transmit various diseases and have disgusting larvae.

We are taught already from an early age that ecosystems are made of many organisms that depend on one another. Automatically, this would average that every organism has a role, a part to play. So do flies have any purpose or are they just useless and bothersome?

Although it may be hard to imagine what use a fly might possibly have, they truly play important roles in character. A female housefly deposits about 100-150 eggs on something that can provide food for the larvae that will hatch from the eggs. This food typically consists of decaying material, such as garbage, animal droppings or grass clippings. Then, somewhere between 8 hours and 2 days later, the maggots hatch and begin to satisfy. ultimately they form pupae and change into adult flies, restarting the cycle.

Fly larvae are very efficient disposers of garbage and any other dead matter. Along with bacteria and other composers, they transform the material into other forms. except disposing dead plant and animal materials or animal and human wastes, flies also serve as food for other organisms. Lizards, foraging insects and already small mammals satisfy on fly eggs, larvae and pupae. Then there ‘s the fish and other marine organisms, who satisfy on flies throughout their complete life cycle, as do birds and other land animals.

Imagine how garbage and other dead matter would build up if it were not for flies. Or how many other organisms would without their main course. Truth is, they are extremely bothersome and can excursion you crazy in no time, but they do have their part. In fact, flies might truly be missed if they ceased to exist.

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