Do I Have Clairsentience? – Psychic Guide

Do I Have Clairsentience? – Psychic Guide

You often hear people talking about clairvoyance, but there are two other psychic abilities similar to clairvoyance that not everybody knows about. These are “clairaudience,” and “clairsentience.” Respectively, they average “clear hearing,” and “clear feeling.”

Clairsetience is a psychic ability which allows the psychic to sense, or rather to feel, with their psychic intuition. In the same way that a clairvoyant psychic might receive visions or images, a clairsentient psychic receives feelings or impulses. Such feelings are said to come from the psychic’s “gut,” as they are often described as especially strong “gut feelings.” In fact, these intuitive impulses do not come from a psychic’s gut, but rather from their clairsentient intuition.

Have you ever been in a situation where you just instinctively knew that something was wrong? This is similar to what a clairsentient psychic might feel, except that the feeling would be much stronger. Psychics with the gift of clairsentience are especially sensitive to the world around them. They may pick up on things, or sense things, that others simply pass over without noticing. This can already include signals from animals. In extreme situations, clairsentient psychics have been known to get sick because of the intensity of the feelings they receive.

Clairsentience is often associated with another psychic ability called “empathy.” An empathic psychic is able to sense the feelings of other people, and will sometimes feel what that person is feeling. Clairsentient intuition usually involves receiving instincts, impulses, and strong feelings of right and wrong. Empathy, however, involves sensing a broader spectrum of emotions without a clear instinct for guidance.

Do I Have Clairsentience?

Psychics can possess different degrees of clairsentience. Some know that they possess this ability right away, while others only realize this after a long time.

A good indicator of wheather or not you possess clairsentience is wheather or not you often receive strong “gut feelings” that later turn out to be true. As mentioned before, this is your psychic intuition sending you instincts and messages of “clear feeling.”

Another good indicator is weather or not you receive feelings or instincts that have nothing to do with what is going on around you. The feelings might seem completely random and out-of-place, but however you sense they are very important.

A last helpful indicator of possessing clairsentience is if you have consistently found that your inner feelings are more reliable than your other senses, such as sight or touch.

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