Don’t Sweat It Out This Summer With a Perfect Cooler

Don’t Sweat It Out This Summer With a Perfect Cooler

Too much heat to beat? Well, you are not the only one. The rising temperatures have become a reason of concern for many of us in the country. The summer is well and truly here to cause a wee bit of trouble. The biggest trouble of them all would be to keep the temperature within control at home. We use most of our time at work or in transit by car which does not make us feel the heat; however it is a completely different story at home. You would have to deal with the high rising temperatures without a choice. So, how can you guarantee perfect cool temperatures? With the perfect desert cooler!

There are different kinds of desert coolers and you must choose one based on your room size and requirement. You would need one with powerful airflow and also a three-way rotator so that the complete room is kept cool. You can look this up such models by many of the popular manufacturers. They have different kinds of coolers based on your requirement and are a much better choice as compared to owning an air conditioner.

So, the next obvious question that comes by everyone who is planning to buy a cooler: Why not an AC? It is quite simple really. Firstly, an air cooler is much more economical as compared to an air conditioner. In fact, it would be close to 70% cheaper. The electricity consumption of an air conditioner is extremely high too as compared to that of a cooler which leads to two problems. The first being that an hour could consume close to 1.5-2 units of strength as compared to just.3 units for an air cooler. Secondly, there is bound to be heavy strength cuts every summer and that method you cannot use the air conditioner for long hours anyways unless you are powered by a very strong generator. It would be a much better idea to invest in it in spite of of the size of the room. More importantly, when you look at the quality of air that is sent into the room, the air cooler takes fresh air from outside and cools it before sending it into the room. while, an air conditioner just keeps cooling the same room within the air. consequently, the air gets quite stale and can already be quite unhealthy.

So, quite clearly an air cooler is a better choice but what are the things you need to look out for before you make the buy?

1. Determine the space you need to keep cool. In case you have to cool a larger space, you require more strength and a stationary cooler. This would have better effect and also no noise. However, in case you have a smaller room that is to be maintained, using a portable cooler would also work just fine.

2. Check out the features. One of the few things you would want are

– Variable speeds so that you can control the speed of the fan.

– A far away control to make sure it can be operated anywhere.

– A bi-directional fan that would help the complete room to be covered.

– Different cooling levels that are preset by the machine.

– Automatic shut down and restarts in case you want to continue certain temperature levels.

3. Warranty and servicing centers of the manufacturer. Costing about 20% of a regular air conditioner, the desert cooler prices are the best assistance you have. There would never be a time you are forced to confront the heat too with lower energy consumption. With an option to use it at windows, a desert cooler is a much better choice as compared to anything else you can get to keep cool this summer. So, get the best of it you can find and beat the heat completely!

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