Evaporative Cooler Vs Swamp Cooler


Summer method hot weather and although many people do crave for sunshine, its not healthy to be in such a hot ecosystem for a long time. One effective way of cooling ourselves and our families is by using evaporative and swamp coolers in the homes. These two systems are similar to each other and provide a lot of benefits to homeowners.

Evaporative cooler

An evaporative cooler uses a natural course of action, which is water evaporation together with a simple, reliable air-moving system, in producing effective cooling. the time of action involves fresh outside air being pulled by moist pads where it gets cooled by evaporation and then the cool air is circulated by a house or building via a huge blower. This then results in the reduction of outside air temperature by a maximum of 30 degrees.

Also known as swamp, desert or air coolers, evaporative systems are effective especially when the outside air it draws is dry and similar to that in the desert. They are ideal in climates where the air is hot and humidity is low.

In areas where climates are hot as the desert, this kind of cooler truly can give homeowners great savings due to low electricity cost. The only downside is when humidity is high as the coolers ability to cool the air then decreases.

Another advantage of evaporative coolers is that they are cheaper than an air conditioner but can nevertheless give the same level of coolness in a similar sized area. One system is capable of cooling an area measuring 750 square feet.

Many people also prefer the additional moisture to the air provided by an evaporative cooling system. This is because the moisture helps to keep wood furniture and fiber from drying out. In addition, the coolers moist pads act as effective air filters trapping dust and pollen.
Also, homeowners can choose to use the smaller evaporative coolers which are easy to install compared to the larger units which need ductwork in the home to spread the air.

Swamp cooler

A swamp cooler works in a similar manner as the evaporative cooler. The swamp unit is truly just another name of the evaporative system. It is a large box-like frame with a big fan and water-wet pads made of cedar shavings or cellulose surrounding it. The fan works by drawing the hot outside air by the dripping pads and ultimately cooling the air throughout the house. The air cools as it evaporates water molecules from the pads.

There are different variations as to why this system is called a swamp cooler. Some people say the reason is that the cooler turns the house into a swamp-like ecosystem. However, this is only true when the rains come in late summer and the system proves less efficient.

Swamp coolers are popularly used in the southwest part of the U.S. Their popularity is credited to their low cost, energy efficiency, easy maintenance and comfortable level of humidity to the dry desert air. In addition, the fresh cedar pads of the system provide a pleasant smell in the home.
Swamp coolers are commonly used in the U.S. cities of Denver, Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, El Paso and Phoenix where theres sufficient water.

Before deciding to use these types of coolers, make sure to determine your homes needs and the climate of your area.

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