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Relationship Psychic Sex Connections exist in all people and in general mess up their lives. Instead they should enhance our lives and lives of everyone around us. With Meditation Techniques we can learn The expert of Relationships!!

We can learn how to Get Rid of all Energy Vampires!

For all intent and purpose, Psychic Sex Connections or “strings” in relationships are very similar to umbilical connections or already electric and telephone wires, except they exist on the astral dimensional planes in all relationships. They can be very thin, or very thick, and can appear as very light or very dark streamers coming out of your energy fields/bodies.

These strings, psychic sex connections, stretch between all chakras, chakra to chakra and in the case of Relationships from abdomen to abdomen and with sex, from base chakra to base chakra.

Relationship Psychic Sex Connections can be superficially hooked onto the surface of – or more deeply plugged into the very cores of – your numerous energy fields, chakras and/or dimensional bodies.

Initially these relationship hooks or plugs seem pretty not harmful to the astral spirit, at first to peek briefly appearing very light, maybe already golden and brightly colored but Psychic Sex Connections in Relationships, no matter how attractive or light or energizing, are ties that bind, and as Gautama Buddha said, thousands of years ago, “Attachment leads to Pain”.

One of our Meditation students, Susan Macri, a medical doctor living at the ashram of Sathya Sai Baba in India teaches “cutting the ties that bind” to 2000 people a year in her workshops there, however found it necessary to learn the progressive Initiations of Energy Enhancement to further augment her knowledge.

These Psychic Sex Connections can limit your freedom in Relationships if you can’t manage them by knowledge of the Initiations of Energy Enhancement in Relationships…gilded chains are nevertheless chains, and a gilded cage is nevertheless a cage …. Any relationship Psychic Sex Connection can be made to appear beautiful and of the light, however one should ask ” where does this Psychic Sex Connection rule to, or come from?”

When followed back to their origins, we have found sometimes people are unconsciously connected to people who are sucking their energies. We call these people Energy Vampires. They can also be connected in to bad entities or consciousnesses, pulling these “strings” these Psychic Sex Connections – See the movie “The Matrix” WHERE PEOPLE ARE TURNED INTO BATTERIES.

You usually have a relationship with badness usually by being Implanted. The Energy Blockage or Psychic Virus implanted in you, always sends energy back to the person who implanted you. Some of these energy vampires have thousands of connections with people sending energy back to them!

Relationship Psychic Sex Connections might be seen, felt or sensed by you feeling tired and lacking in energy, or attracted by things you know are bad for you or already becoming addicted, but there are many connections that are imperceptible to most people.

It is handy to work with people who are experienced in these matters as they can help you identify the connections and help you release them, but unless you learn how to do it for yourself with progressive methods of meditation, ultimately you will be implanted and vampirised of your energy again.

The bleed by of negative psychic impulses, messages and energies from one being to another by these Psychic Sex Connections can often and easily act to interfere or distort the integrity and conscious vigorous experience of your own space.

This may be something most people are totally unaware of… as everyone falsely assumes that all their impulses, thoughts and feelings originate from themselves where in actuality much comes by being given Implants and addictions by these and other bad people.

The relationship Psychic Sex Connection controls them.

These matters have been known about and written about and worked with in meditation for thousands of years and indeed it is our experience in working with many clients.

Ancient man knew this…. It is good that there are movies such as “The 6th Sense” or “The Matrix” … they are to remind us that this occurrences does exist and has been written about in all civilisations.

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