Extinction Rebellion Founder Fears World Leaders Have ‘failed Humanity…

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A founding member of Extinction Rebellion fears Cop26 will fail and warned anything short of extreme action would be tantamount to ‘failing humanity forever’.

The protest group is already thinking about what action it can take after the Glasgow climate summit amid fears it could fall well short of providing what’s needed to avoid extreme warming.

With China and Russia skipping the meeting and Boris Johnson conceding there is ‘no chance’ a deal limiting warming to 1.5 degrees is possible next week, many who care about the ecosystem fear Cop26 is all but dead in the water.

Climate activism is on the up in the UK, with groups like XR and Insulate Britain repeatedly making headlines. 

With expectations low heading into the summit, it looks like the movement is here to stay.

Extinction Rebellion leader Clare Farrell told Metro.co.uk: ‘This year, I think it’s the year that we say the emperor has no clothes on, and it’s not working. 

‘And the extent of political failure that we’re witnessing domestically in the UK and internationally, is very clearly deadly.’

Extinction Rebellion aren’t likely to go anywhere after the Glasgow summit (Picture: AFP)

Scientists have warned the climate is approaching a tipping point, where unpredictable and irreversible changes begin to transform the planet we live on.

Unless warming is restricted to within 1.5 degrees by the middle of the century, extreme weather, droughts and famine will become the norm.

One study estimates 1.2 billion could be displaced, triggering a migration and violent conflicts.

Ms Farrell said: ‘This isn’t a situation that where you can see the extreme change that has been described to us as the likely outcome, and then hit reverse. 

‘Once we go too far, people are very concerned that you can’t go back. 

‘So this moment of political failure is truly potentially failing the entirety of humanity forever.

‘I don’t think you can really press enough what’s at stake. It’s so big that it’s quite difficult to get your head around.’

Glasgow is on a security lockdown as it prepares for the arrival of world leaders – but China’s Xi Jinping and Russia’s Vladimir Putin won’t be among them (Picture: PA)

She said a meaningful focus of climate activism post-Cop26 may need to be pushing for international systems to deal with the resettlement of people from countries rendered uninhabitable by a changing climate.

Boris Johnson told ITV there ‘there is no chance of us stopping climate change next week’ but that Cop26 could provide enough progress to ‘keep the dream alive’ of hitting the 1.5 degrees target agreed in Paris in 2015.

Standing in the Colosseum in Rome ahead of a G20 meeting, the chief minister drew a similar with the fall of the Roman Empire, warning failure to restrict temperature growth could rule to the mass movement of people and conflict.

He said: ‘Those are things that are going to be politically very, very difficult to control.

‘When the Roman Empire fell, it was largely as a consequence of uncontrolled immigration.

‘The Empire could no longer control its borders, people came in from the east, and we went into a Dark Ages.

‘The point of that is to say it can happen again. People should not be so conceited as to imagine that history is a one-way ratchet.’

In a separate interview, he rated the chances of success at Cop26 as six out of 10.

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