Fruitfulness Is the consequence of Dwelling In The Presence Of God

Fruitfulness Is the consequence of Dwelling In The Presence Of God

Like a branch that is growing on the vine that drinks from the same sap that the life – giving vine taps via its roots is the life of the Christian who remains rooted in Jesus. The only condition that he must satisfy is to keep attached, connected and logical. The problem with many believers is that they want to be fruitful but are at times detached from the life – giving source that Jesus is and they end up trying to do for themselves only that which he can do.

When He is no longer the air you breathe and His information the bread that you eat, you become suffocated by the cares and chores of this world. It is my exhortation to you dear saint that you draw life daily from the source of all life as you dwell in the presence of the almighty God.

“It’s easy for you to say”, you might remark. Let me ask you a question,” what different do you have if you have decided to surrender your life to the blessed savior”? It’s either you are in or your are out. A double – minded approach will not work. Instead of grudgingly standing on the premises, stand on His potential to prune you as you bear excellent bigger and better fruit. What manner of gardener or farmer will keep on watering, tending and supplying nutrients to a branch that is broken, stays broken and does not bear fruit? That one is reserved for the rubbish heap where it will become compost for the rest of the garden.

I am not suggesting condemnation for you because there is consequently now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

If the life in the vine is so glorious why is it that many prefer to live outside it? It is because they haven’t tasted and known the sweetness of the presence of the persevering savior who pursued me relentlessly until I called out His name and amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. The Psalmist, warrior and shepherd David declares in the twenty – seventh psalm that he has desired nothing except to behold the beauty and inquire in the temple of the Lord.

What you seek in life determines where you will keep. If it is to be in continued fellowship with God, you will make your home in the courts of the Lord as He makes His dwelling in you the temple of the Holy Spirit. How do you know that you are staying in His presence? Your fruit, product, output of your life will betray the presence or the absence of God in a life.

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