Funny Medical Conditions

Sometimes things hit your funny bone just right, might be something someone says, or what they do. Hospitals can truly be a very humorous place when you think about it. Some of the terminology and conditions in medicine can be quite funny or strange. Maybe you know someone who has some strange however hilarious medical issue, or if you are a doctor, you probably have seen some strange medical situations, and might have some strange sayings for different patients. Here are 5 funny, interesting medical terms, and conditions.

1) Witzelsucht, a German information meaning joke addiction, is a condition when someone compulsively says puns or tells silly jokes. The person may also seem and act childish. This condition can be brought on by trauma to the frontal lobe from tumors or lesions. It can also be a defense mechanism to deflect from certain memories. So if you find yourself telling people things like you can’t be Russian because you truly walk quite slowly, you may want to think twice about why you are so punny.

2) You may think you are a great actor/actress with many voices, but in reality you could be experiencing from Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS). FAS is a speech disorder where the person affected has sudden changes in speech pattern, intonation, pronunciation, causing a “foreign” accent. This condition is also cause by trauma to the brain, possibly a hit on the head, or stroke, and usually occurs one to two years after the incident. More often than not, FAS victims do not regain their original speech pattern, but it is possible that with speech therapy it can return to normal.

3) Sometimes when people are lying down at night to go to sleep they may hear a noise and think “eh, it’s just a bump in the night” but, you could possibly have Exploding Head Syndrome (EHS). Yes, this is a real disorder. People that suffer from EHS may hear loud explosions, like bombs, gun fire, or cymbals crashing, that seem to be coming from inside their own head. already though it sounds like a painful condition, there isn’t any brain swelling, or pain. The cause of EHS in individuals isn’t known, but it is believed that stress, minor seizures, or shifts in the middle ear can cause it.

4) Alice In Wonderland Syndrome (AIWS), is also a slightly strange condition. No, you do not see white rabbits that lure you into rabbit holes, if you do see a white rabbit like this you may have a different condition or need to call animal control. People who suffer from AIWS may experience perceived growing of body parts, or the body as a whole. The more usual experience is part of the body, like the head or hands, grows, shrinking isn’t very usual. Another symptom of AIWS is perceiving objects differently than they appear. The eyes can see just fine, but the perception of the object may be off. AIWS can also distort time; making it faster or slower, distort sound, and distort touch as in the ground may feel like a sponge. The cause of AIWS can be from a migraine, damage to the time related lobe, or Epstein-Barr virus (aka Mono).

5) Have you ever felt that you don’t exist, or your soul has gone from your body? Or, maybe you don’t recognize certain body parts or organs. These are both symptoms of Walking Corpse Syndrome aka Cortard’s Syndrome. This condition is brought on by mental illness or physical injuries. It has been connected to depression, schizophrenia, or derealization which is a condition where the person or the world feels unreal. Cortard’s Syndrome can also be related to Capgras Syndrome in which a person feels as though a close friend or family member has been replaced with an imposter. Since this disorder is very scarce, not much is known about possible treatments, however, electro convulsion therapy has been shown to help in certain situations.

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