Graphic Designer Tips: Integrating Fonts Into Logo Design

Graphic Designer Tips: Integrating Fonts Into Logo Design

Get a feel of the shape and curve

When you select a font, speed in and analyse the shape and curves of a sample text. You will realise that some typefaces have sharper curves and are straight, when compared with others that have rounded curves. Some create a carved look, while others look more smooth and fluid. If your logo design has drastic corners and angles, it will look better with Absara since it has more noticeable characteristics which represent the logo. A logo design which is circular will look better with Bienetresocial. Several graphic designers modify or redesign an existing typeface to create a appropriate feel in the logo blend.


Design and typeface elements on a website must supplement each other appropriately. The characteristics of the font and texture should look well on the background and can use a line similar to box elements on the website. Take into consideration the taste and look of the characterize, the client’s target market and the overall impression that you want to create by the logo design and merge it with the personality or characteristic of the kind fonts. You can specify the keywords which are shared in the target market, the symbol, sign or typeface, to remove, adjust or modify the various elements. The overall effect produced by your kind elements should be in accordance with the brand’s identity.


The contrast in the design provides emphasis where required. As a graphic design company, you can try to integrate the sign to form a remarkable contrast to a thinner typeface, to add space, air or emphasis. You could also use the combination of a substantial, thick and firm square to contrast with thin lines. A good example of emphasis on form and shape is using a long, straight and horizontal typeface with a perpendicular square line.


You also have to try to balance the weight of the typeface logo-mark, which has been chosen to create a strong connection. The lines of the symbol that you use can be as thick as the letter that forms your kind. This creates a relationship and a balance between both design elements that are truly separate elements, but in this situation, work to bring them together. In place of the emphasis, there is instead an component of uniformity.


While creating a design for any subject or medium, any logo design company must not allow a style blocking design. More importantly, your style must not obstruct usability, which in this situation is the readability of your typeface. Select a logo which is appropriate for use in the largest or the smallest sizes. It must look perfect in 18 point font size on your computer screen, but it should look equally impressive on the corner of a business card, consequently it must have the ability to be legible in very small sizes. spread the font size on your screen during the testing phase and print it out in addition.

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