Healthcare Marketing – Easy Ways to Get More Patients

Doctors today are looking for new ways to market their practice. With the recession in complete force and shrinking reimbursements, doctors are looking for ways to market themselves more effectively. Times have changes and doctors are finding it more difficult to attract their ideal new patients and bring back existing patients because many are putting their own healthcare on keep up. These changes have caused doctors income to decline while malpractice insurance and expenses continue to rise. Challenging insurance plans are forcing doctors to focus on the business side of building their practice.

But one marketing expert is helping doctors with their marketing and showing them that their success is their own responsibility and that they can truly thrive in any economy. Doctor Success Academy, began working with doctors to teach them marketing skills they unfortunately were not taught in medical school. “Doctors kept come to us to learn advertising and marketing ideas that work. Because of our extensive knowledge in marketing and buying psychology. We know what it takes to attract new patients, so we just apply these strategies in different niches and it works.”

Alegria recommends 5 things doctors can do to attract more patients:

1. Target Your Marketing: Doctors tend to be sold advertising ideas that just don’t work by sales reps who encourage them to promote themselves by brand awareness. A doctor can use less and get much better results with target marketing. Defining exactly who they want to target and sending the right message to that audience that connects. By defining a specific niche and targeting them with the right message doctors are seeing a meaningful increase in response sometimes by as much as 300%.

2. Community Marketing Works: Most patients reside within a 3 miles of the practice they select. That method that by targeting prospects that live in neighborhoods close to the practice you can. Doctors I work with are getting amazing results with direct mail which target this market. By targeting their message to those candidates most likely to become new patients it makes things a lot easier.

3. Use Guarantees: A doctor can’t guarantee a cure, but they can guarantee other things like guaranteeing they will not have to wait more than 5 minutes in the waiting room or guaranteeing satisfaction. This is a very effective strategy because you closest create a rare selling proposition and that helps to attract patients. Many doctors fear this strategy because they don’t want to be taken advantage of but the reality is that very few patients will take you up on the refund. however the guarantee will influence the buying decision because it makes the decision easy.

4.The Irresistible Offer: Doctors use too much time hoping for patients and referrals and need to focus on attracting patients. To do this they should find ways to make it easy for people to try out their service. One strategy is to offer a free exam. This strategy called risk reversal puts all the risk on you and not the patient which makes it easy for them to choose and opens the doors for many more possible patients to try you out.

5. Emotional Marketing: Studies show you have 3.5 seconds to get the prospects attention. To be able to get someone’s attention in such a short period of time you need to use emotional marketing that will grab the prospects attention and make them say “Hey, that’s me”. For example to target people who want teeth whitening you could say, “You Could Have Celebrity White Teeth In 27 Hours” for back pain you could say “Back Pain Relief Without Surgery or Drugs”. If someone has been thinking about either of these problems this is going to grab their attention closest.

Chiropractors, Dentists, Podiatrists and all doctors must focus on the business aspect of their practice and focus on marketing that works to attract a continued flow of new patients and keep current patients for life.

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