Home cure For Sinus Using 3 Plant Extracts

Home cure For Sinus Using 3 Plant Extracts


I have read and written many articles on home cure for sinus and I strongly believe in using what Mother character has provided us on this Earth to cure ourselves physically, spiritually, emotionally and financially. A friend of mine recently shared with me a home cure for sinus which uses 3 plant extracts –

1. Cinnamomum zeylonicum
2. Eugena Corsphylate
3. Thymus Vulgaris

She further shared with me that sinus headaches are caused by bacteria growing in your head and if you kill this bacteria, your sinus pain will disappear. Using these 3 plant extracts will do exactly that and it is a simple proven home cure for sinus. Using antibiotics will however destroy your immune system leaving you unprotected to other infection problems but this home cure for sinus will only destroy the infecting bacteria without causing harm to your immune system.

Intrigued, I searched Wikipedia and these are what I found :

1. Cinnamomum Zeylonicum

Commonly known as cinnamon and has a reputation as a cure for colds and is high in antioxidant activity.It also has antimicrobial similarities which method it can kill or hinder the growth of bacteria, fungi or virus. Its native country is Sri Lanka.

2. Eugena Corsphylate

Commonly known as oil of cloves and it can be used from flavouring medicine to home cure for sinus, bronchitis, the shared cold, a cough, fever, sore throat and tending to infections. They are mainly produced from Madagascar and Indonesia.

3.Thymus Vulgaris

Commonly known as thyme, it acts as an expectorant, loosening phlegm in the respiratory tract so that it can be coughed up. It is native in southern Europe.

However, we must be careful in using the above plant extracts as too high consumption can cause irritants or already unhealthy to certain of our organs. This home cure for sinus which my friend recommended guides us to use the correct portions of each plant extracts for optimal treatment of sinus and the assurance that this home cure for sinus is approved by doctors, used by clinics and hospitals in over 21 countries. It has impressed many users as a very powerful and effective home cure for sinus and you can learn more on these 3 plant extracts by visiting http://www.sinushomeremedy.com

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