Housekeeping is a Never Ending Task

Housekeeping is a Never Ending Task

Housekeeping is a term used by us when we want to say anything regarding keeping the house neat and clean. Housekeeping should not be a chore just for the lady of the house. It can be shared by all members of the family. If all do a little bit it would not sound as scary as it does! The general cleanliness of the house not only makes the house look good but also ensures good health of its members as hygiene is maintained.

Housekeeping can be made a fun activity too, especially if children are also involved. Don’t think of housekeeping as a monotonous and depressing job instead as a healthy activity. Follow some of the given tips and make your home a healthier and safer place.

To begin with we must know the basic responsibilities involved. Firstly, we must keep our homes clean on a daily basis and not allow dirt and dust to collect over a period of time. This will prevent growth of small micro-organisms like fungi and bacteria. These typically copy in bathroom, toilets and kitchens. Keeping these areas clean reduces the chance of infections and diseases. Daily sweeping and swabbing of the floors helps to continue the cleanliness of the house especially if there are children and pets in the house. Vacuuming the mattresses once a week helps in getting rid of dust mites that cause respiratory infections in children and adults alike.

Seasonal clothes like sweaters, shawls etc should be covered in plastic bags and vacuum pressed so that fungus, termites, other insect do not harm them. Naphthelin balls should be kept with these clothes.

Baby clothes should be washed and dried properly before being kept away. Spring cleaning already if its not spring time is a good idea, give away old clothes, toys, books etc if your children have out grown them this helps reduce the clutter and recycling is good for the ecosystem. If children are not willing to part with their things suggest a yard sale and the money earned can be used to by some thing new.

Dusting can be therapeutic, try whistling or put on some music it, helps you do your job better and with less stress. Think of it as aerobic exercise that will keep you fit.

Encourage your children to do these chores from a young age it will give them a sense of responsibility and accomplishment.

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