How Do I Know If He Is Just Playing With My Emotions? 7 Tips Which Wil…

If you are in a relationship then you clearly need to know if the guy with you is serious about you or is just playing you. Here are some signs that suggest that he is not that into you and is just playing you.

His calls are always last minute
You see the plans that he makes with you are always last minute. It could be for a movie or a theatre invitation, he never informs you ahead of time. Chances are that this guy uses you as a last resort and calls you only when other plans don’t materialize.

He doesn’t really want to “do” anything
When he is with you he never really wants to “do” anything except for maybe, shack up. If making out is the only thing that is there in his agenda then he is just playing you and has no real interest in you.

He doesn’t agree to meet your friends or introduces you to his
When you ask him if he would like to go out with you and your friends he calls up and cancels. Many such cancelled dates later you should know that he is not interested in meeting anyone from your life. Similarly if he never introduces you to any of his friends then he too doesn’t want to get too involved with you.

He freaks out if you land up at his place or office to surprise him
You land up at his office or home to give him a pleasant surprise but his reaction is that of shock. If he doesn’t want you to show up unannounced ever then he has something going on the side and he is definitely playing you.

He avoids talking about the future
He never talks to you about your future plans and your conversations continue to keep shallow despite hanging out for a long time. When he doesn’t already want to talk about his next week plans then he is just playing you.

He never introduces you as his girlfriend
When you are out with him and accidentally bump into someone he knows he never introduces you as his girlfriend. If such is the case and you continue to get introduced as his ‘friend’ then he is just playing you.

You cannot be certain of his emotions
One day he is all lovey dovey and the nest day he is like an ice man. If his emotions for you keep fluctuating too much all the time then he is just playing you. He is just not sure how he feels for you and sometimes feels loving towards you.

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