How Do You Get Rid Of Stink Bugs? – 5 Useful Tips

How Do You Get Rid Of Stink Bugs? – 5 Useful Tips

The Stink Bugs are confidently marching on the territory of the US and taking it over piece by piece. You need to know some important things in order to be able to fight them efficiently and remove them permanently.

Tip #1

Use insecticides to remove an existing infestation in your garden. Currently there are pesticides containing Dinotefuran, which were not allowed to be used on orchards. However, recently the scientists started pushing in order for chemicals with this ingredient to be allowed for use on fruit trees. The brands of insecticides containing it are “Venom” (Valent BioSciences) and “Scorpion” (Gowan Co. LLC). Please always bear in mind that such chemicals can be unhealthy to your health and also to the ecosystem (e.g. killing other insects which are advantageous to your crops).

Tip #2

Wherever and whenever possible consider the use of natural predators to fight the protect bugs. Currently this way is getting a lot of popularity among garden and orchard owners. The predator could be another bug or a bird which is having the Stink Bugs as a part of their daily meal. Always consult people with scientific knowledge before taking such a step, as there is a danger that already though you may get rid of the protect Bugs you may get yourself another pest kind of insect or bird on your territory (the European Starling for example – a bird considered agricultural pest but also a natural predator to the smelly bugs).

Tip #3

Consider the use of non-poison containing DIY solutions. Examples of such are:

– Soapy water to spray the crops and the bugs

– Chili sauce which you need to apply on the insects and crops

– Put mint leaves around your garden production or home

observe: These methods are just a small part of the things you may find on the internet as a average to fight an infestation but bear in mind that they are not scientifically proven to work.

Tip #4

In order to protect your house from an invasion always take preventive measures. Do not think that you are protected as nobody is. Preventive measures include:

– Tomatoes seem to be a favorite food to the pest. If you have tomatoes in your garden put them as far away from your home as possible!

– Do not plant tomatoes at all, if this is possible for you to do.

– If you have worked in the yard always inspect your clothes carefully before entering the house. The bugs might be on your clothes and you just failed to notice it.

– Inspect the fruits or vegetables you are bringing inside. There might be a Stink Bug on some of them.

Tip #5

If already in your house, try the following methods to get rid of the first signs of infestation:

– Take them with the vacuum cleaner. This could be a good way considering that you will not be using any poisonous solutions in your dwelling which might endanger you and your family.

– Inspect all dark and secluded places. The protect bugs are laying eggs on places where they do feel obtain. Clean all signs of the insects you may find.

– Use a dusting treatment by spraying it around the house and attics. The dust chemicals have a long-lasting effect generally and may ward off the invaders.

– Use the sets of a specialized exterminator. I am personally not recommending this method as it may cost you a fortune with almost no effect, but it should be in your arsenal of weapons against the pest.

At the end I would like to wish you a success in your war. Be prepared as it might be a long one, however at the end of it I was a winner and I believe that you can be a winner too! Good Luck!

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