How Impractical Are We Towards Our Religion?

How Impractical Are We Towards Our Religion?

I made my way into the temple corridors and saw the magnificent black stone stuck betwixt four marble idols, jutting out in a semi- lunatic dome was what we called as the shiv lingam.

It is ensured that this piece of idol should be completely impervious in character under any liquid action as and when left unprotected to viscous fluids including milk, honey and yoghurt, ultimately making their way from drenching the stone to the underground drainage pipes.

Lord Agni is viewed to be the mouth of the gods and certainly, there aren’t any regulations from expensive clothing to eatables, everything is taken up by the good god before being dumped in the sewers or being mitigated to ashes and washed away by river baths.

In the corner of the temple you can see a haggard: hollowed cheekbones, underwater eyeballs and an unshaven beard, floundering along the way with his ineffectual movements,pouting against the flow, drinking surreptitious, and feeling the taste of yoghurt across his wasted bones.

Standing along the edge of the queue, I found holding the packet of milk almost extremely, there had been something pressing against my conscience.” Has religious consolation transformed the rational thinking into a superior form of scepticism, or is it all because of the absolute ignorance of human mind?”

A few try to sustain the cause of fact explaining” the milk is poured to reduce the frictional resistance between the crevices and to prevent the further breaking of the rock mass. However, this explanation tends to resolve things under an incorrect solution as according to geologists the presence of fluid in rock can generate the occurrence of cracking instead of preventing them from breaking any further. Faults in rocks are due to their entering into the phase of ” brittle deformation” and in temperate to polar regions, the seepage of milk, oil or any other fluid into the micro- fractures can invoke the time of action of rock disintegration by different halting and thawing conditions due to the difference in climatic conditions.

In the year 1995, a priest of a temple in New Delhi claimed lord Ganesh to have drunk milk from his bowl. Similar incidents were reported in Bareilly, a district of Uttar Pradesh in India and in some temples of Trinidad.

The aftermath of the event was endless queue before temple’s facade, with proffering ranging from high-grade nutritional biscuits to trans-fat free butter and tonnes of milk being deposited in septic tanks.

Investigations carried out in later stages by scientists revealed the cause to be capillary action.

occurrences of reversed character as seen in Christianity is called as the “weeping statues” The priests reported the statue of Mother Mary weeping blood and oil, in no time a enormous gathering was reported inside the church as the dangling heads circumambulated the mysterious statue trying to get a glimpse of its omnipotence.

Excessive crowding invited pandemonium and in a short while the complete temple was turned into a graveyard.

The truth is that religion nevertheless happens to be leading our life into an abyss the scaling from which is impossible.

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