How to Attract a Woman By Playing Mind Games With Her!

Girls are total experts when it comes to playing with male minds. They play with them by flirting and sudden cold shoulders after they get what they wanted, such as free drinks or rides home.

Strangely, girls don’t get played as much as guys, if they already get played at all; and because of this, they do not know what to expect when they do get played. consequently, you should play with their minds for a change and confuse the hell out of them. Prepare your mind to discover a whole new world with ways on how to get inside the minds of girls with some great tips of psychology…

How To Get Into The Minds Of Girls With The Help Of Psychology To Make Them Fall In Love With You

Psychology Tip #1: Try Out Cold Reading. Approach your girl of choice and tell her that you want to tell her what her fortune is. When she agrees, state some random and general things that might be applicable to any girl or that might be obvious after you had watched her from a distance. If you are accurate enough, you are sure to make an impression on her in no time.

If you want to truly succeed at cold reading, you have to complete understand how female body language works. This method that you have to stay on track when it comes to your words, most of all if you choose to read her palm as you do your cold readings. In fact, palm reading would be the ideal choice since it will give you an excuse to touch a girl. Touches can help you connect more with the opposite sex and build up any allurement they might be harboring for you in no time.

Psychology Tip #2: Try Some Games. Making jokes and laughing with a girl will make her pretend like she is stuffy, but the truth is that every girl truly enjoys playful things like this because it shows how you can get in touch with their childish side, which is a side that every girl has inside of her.

When it comes to the world of dating and seduction, keep in mind that the biggest mistake you could make is to seem boring. If you can bring entertainment and fun into a girl’s life, you are sure to seem interesting in their eyes. Because of this, you are sure to succeed at getting a girl to fall for you, in addition.

Psychology Tip #3: Try Hacking Her Mind. With highly valued hypnosis tips, you can get the strength to make any girl emotionally addicted to you. This tip would include getting a girl to feel both sad and happy, like in a soap opera, but in real life.

Every girl happens to have the need to go by certain emotional dramas while she lives her colorless little life, so if you can give her life situations that are eventful, she will end up investing her emotions in you faster. After you do this, she will also end up doing anything you want her to.

Take things slow, though, because this technique in particular has the strength to turn girls into stalkers and get rid of their overall emotional health. Try to make sure that you do not completely ruin female emotions when using this tip and just concentrate on getting them to fall in love with you instead. If you overdo things, you might end up with unwanted and haunting situations. Take notice!

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