How to great number a Website, and Ways to Earn From It

Let’s find out how simple is to have a website.

Today you just need associate of dollars per month or already less to get a paid web hosting service. Try to avoid free hosting plans which not only waste your time and effort but also create problems in the ranking of your site in top search results of major search engines. additionally it can also upset your quality earning by Google AdSense program.

Steps to great number a website

1- First step is to buy a domain for your site which will be an online identity of your product or business. Usually it costs $5-10 per year. Some example domain registrars are, and

2- After buying domain, you have to choose a web hosting company to upload your site to make it easy to reach online round the clock. Here you have to do little research to find the most appropriate web hosting service for your site. Choose are reliable and cheap great number for your website.

3- After paying web hosting company, upload your site to their server using FTP or Cpanel. Cpanel is a control panel which provides you easy management and maintenance course of action for your website.

4- Once you have uploaded the code and content of your website, replace the dns in domain panel to new dns provided by web hosting company.

5- Test your website and fix the issues ( if there are any).

Once your website is easy to reach on internet, Now start thinking of revenue form. How to cash your internet audience?

Ways to earn from your website

1- You can earn by placing Google ads on your site. It is not difficult thing to do, you just need to have at the minimum 20 to 30 pages with almost 100 visitors a day to make a reasonable earning per month.

2- You can also earn by selling the products on website, for example an e-book, software or sets. Payments can be received via PayPal or any other permissible payment processor.

3- Another way to earn is to place private ads or banners on your website.

Good luck! in your website venture.

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