How to Make Hotel Investments

How to Make Hotel Investments

Augmented global travel particularly from emerging market segments of India and China is the reason behind the undying upswing in the hotel industry. Unsurprisingly, hotel investment experts around the globe are ecstatic about this emerging trend. Hotel owners, operators and investors alike are quick to jump on to new acquisitions. But at the same time, it also holds true that investment in the hotel industry is plagued with complications and risk. A huge amount of capital is at stake, and this calls for a meticulously planned move and enormous skill on the part of the investor. Investors should and do rely upon expert opinion before deciding upon an investment. Some vital points that need to be given a second thought before putting down the cash for investment in a hotel are discussed below.


The hotel character, despite putting up a pretty confront, may be rendered unusable after finishing the deal, due to reasons such as underground ecosystem pollution, interior mold infestation, and structural damage from termites and rodents. Finalize the deal only after thoroughly investigating the character yourself. Authentication from an engineer to check for all the above conditions and to make sure that the character complies with building codes is necessary.

Know your hotel management company

If you are thinking of employing a hotel management firm to mind your business, be sure of its capabilities by different supplies. Take a look at its operating performance and cross check with other hotels that it manages. Analyze its record in maximizing revenues and keeping expenses in control.

Analyze visitor segments

It is necessary that the hotel gets visitors from all segments like commercial, group, business and leisure travelers. Hotels that depend on a single part for their business seldom do well throughout the year. however, hotels that origin visitors from different segments of travelers bank on the other segments when a particular part registers a slack.

Avoid depending upon single businesses

If your hotel runs because of visitors that come from a single business, it would largely depend upon the performance of that business. Hotels dependent upon visitors from an airport, a business or an entertainment park, can go berserk when these income generating businesses shut shop. For example, if the airport gets relocated, or the business changes headquarters or the entertainment park gets tough competition from a better one, it is nonetheless important that the hotel fire keeps burning.

Check the period of the hotel’s in-season

A hotel which has an in-season of a minimum eight months is an option worth considering. A season shorter than this period method that the hotel can cope up with costs only if it enjoys a sufficient average rate premium during season. It is also imperative that the in-season months are consecutive

Barriers to entry

There are certain markets wherein it is easy to acquire hotel zoned land and construct a lodging facility. When the financing norms are eased, these markets see an overcrowding of hotels. In a market where there are barriers to go into into the hospitality trade for any reason whatsoever, there is less possibility of overbuilding or overcrowding. Hence, it is always preferable to make an investment in a market where they are high.

Keep the terms easy

Do not overlook the possibility of your selling the hotel ultimately. Plan your acquisition keeping this fact in mind. Design the management contract and franchise agreement so it can be easily terminated. Keep flexibility intact by assigning or prepaying the mortgage, buying out partners and minimizing tax exposure.

Choose the brand of your hotel with care

Before branding your hotel, understand the implication of a brand and what part of visitors will it attract. Established brands like business hotel or leisure lodging are safer than newer brands that are nevertheless fumbling for identity.


These guidelines are no meaningful to making your hotel investment successful. But paying notice to these nuances before allowing money to change hands will definitely reap high dividends.

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