How to Make My Own Website – The Cost Effective Method For Newbies

How to Make My Own Website – The Cost Effective Method For Newbies

How do I make my own website? This is a question everyone asks at one point or another once their comfortable with navigating the internet. It’s not difficult. It simple requires exposing you to a course of action you likely haven’t been exposed to in the past, especially if you’re new to the concept Well, now it’s your turn to learn.

Learning how to build a website is a course of action that you’ll initially find complicated, but with a little repetition you’ll find it to be pretty easy to do on a consistent basis. I’m going to simplify it here so the concept is easier to understand.

Basically, a website is a collection of words and graphical images, produced in a language called HTML that once all put together and published on the internet, creates a one page or multiple page website.

The basic raw way to learn how to do it (which I suggest you learn) takes all the mystery out of the time of action. It’s simple and can best be done by creating a simple squeeze page, rule capture page or simple one page website initially.

First, you’re going to create a website that’s basic. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece. You just need to learn the time of action. To do this, you need to download an HTML editor called Kompozer. It’s free at I told you I would keep this affordable.

Next, you’re going to download what’s called an FTP client. FTP stands for file move protocol. It’s how you upload a website to hosting companies server. The free ftp client I use is called FileZilla. Go to and download it to your computer.

Next, you’re going to take any images you want to use and save them in a file folder on your desktop with separate names for each image and you’re going to name it the name of your project. Call it “myfirstwebsite” if you want. The meaningful is just to have all of the elements of the website in one place.

Next, you’re going to go into Kompozer and kind some words into it. Words you might want on a webpage. Then, you’re going to bring in the graphics by the software by placing your cursor where you want them and going to retrieve them from your desktop. The same way you retrieve any file.

In it’s most simplistic form, this layout becomes a webpage. Kompozer as an HTML editor allows you to manipulate the words and images anywhere you want on the page. Save your webpage after every update.

Ultimately, you’re going to get a domain name from a domain seller and webhost like Godaddy and yes, you can already use their hosting. Once you acquire a domain name and a great number, you use Filezilla to upload the files you produced like the graphics etc… and you upload them to the server from the webhost you’re using. Once uploaded, the website is live on the net under the domain name you gave it.

Again, this is a general overview. It’s not meant to tell you how to do everything, only what to do in basic terms. When you understand the basic flow of how you create a webpage and get it live on the internet, you have the shared sense overview to allow the details to fit into the time of action.

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