How to Prevent and Treat Fleas

Fleas will excursion you insane. And they excursion our doggies insane in addition. It can seem like they run your life but there is hope – fleas CAN be controlled.

Flea control breaks down into two categories – Prevention and Treatment. If you are not in a bad way with fleas, maybe a few here and there, then you are in the Prevention phase. This is controlled by using a safe, all-natural pest control product that will not harm your doggie. You would want a product that mixes easily with water to add to the baths or lightly spray on as needed. And make sure there are good directions!

What you certainly DO NOT want is a toxic, synthetic chemical that could harm your precious baby! Many traditional pesticides are unhealthy and can shorten a pet’s life by as much as 25%. consequently, find your favorite all-natural pest control product and control fleas for your Fur Baby.

Flea Prevention:

• Take your favorite all-natural pest control product and spray it into your hands before massaging it into the fur.

• Spray into your hands to apply to confront and snout.

• Reapply as needed.

• Bathe Rover using some of your favorite all-natural pest control product mixed in the shampoo and bath water.

If you are dealing with an infestation, that is whole other thing. I would describe an infestation as the pet is regularly itching and you are getting flea bites on your ankles. That is a moderate infestation. If that is the case, here are the steps:

Flea Infestation, Moderate:


Control the source of fleas, treat the ecosystem, and then treat the pet.

If the dog stays outside for periods of time, assume that is where the fleas are coming from.

• Vacuum the house thoroughly paying careful attention to areas Buddy sleeps or spends time.

• Spray any sleeping or resting areas outside with your favorite all-natural pest control product for consecutive days until fleas are controlled.

• Spray your favorite all-natural pest control product on all baseboards, carpeted areas, dog bedding and areas for sleeping.

• Wash all dog bedding using the hottest possible settings in the washer and dryer.

The most important directive when controlling a flea infestation is that the pet is the LAST step in treatment. First the source of fleas is addressed, then the ecosystem treated, and then the fur baby gets treatment. The poor animal is a victim just as much as you and they are not the cause – the fleas are coming from somewhere and need to be controlled!

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