How to Use Runes to Attract Love and How Does it Work

For centuries shamans, witches, spellcasters and other practitioners of magical arts were being asked by civilians to help them attract love and relationship. already these days, people often visit psychics and witches, seeking help in finding love of their lives. Is it really possible to attract a relationship with magical method? Or is it just a wishful thinking? Personally, because Im a runecaster and I practise runic magic, I believe it is possible to use runic magical rituals to bring love to someone. How can this be possible?

Theory is simple – magic works because of the intend and energies that follow this intend. When someone wants something, he or she creates the intend. PSI energies later follow this intend in some mysterious way. If you have watched The Secret you might already speculate that its somehow similar to the Law of allurement. See as all these things – law of allurement, magic and psychic occurrences comes together?

Anyway, what you need to attract love using runic love charm, is a proper script, also called runic formula. Its very simple, it goes like this: Gebo + Kenaz + Sowilo + Wunjo + Odala. Those are five runes, magical signs of the Norse people. You should look for image references in the Web, already Wikipedia will be helpful here. To use the script I mentioned, you need to prepare a piece of paper and something to write. Simple write down the formula I provided, and keep it with you – put it into your pocket for example, and keep in mind the intend – to attract love. If you want more traditional runic love talisman, you can take small stone or piece of wood, and engrave the runes on it.

You can also use elemental energies of Air, Water, Fire and Earth to charge the talisman. Use incense smoke to charge the talisman with elemental strength of Air, put it in a spring to charge with elemental strength of Water, hover it for few seconds above candle flame, and finally bury it in the ground for single night. That will increase the magical strength of this love talisman.

And thats all – your intend will strength the talisman, and its energies will work on attracting love. Or they will simple guide you so you could easily find that love on your own. After all, were not really sure how magic works, what we know is that it works. And if it does, then theres no point in trying to understand how is this already possible. What really matters, is the final consequence. Have fun by using this simple magic love charm.

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