Hydrotherapy: Water strength for Training and Conditioning Success


Hydrotherapy is a tool that can revolutionize how athletes aim, condition, retrieve, and rehabilitate. But, what is marine therapy and what are its benefits? Here are the top reasons why hydrotherapy is as an effective treatment tool that delivers successful outcomes with winning results.

1. Speeds muscle recovery before and after practice
2. Provides safe rehabilitation following injury
3. Creates a safe ecosystem for training and conditioning during recovery
4. Minimizes joint stress during training
5. Minimizes muscle soreness, pain, and recovery time
6. Allows for treatment programs to begin sooner than land-based therapy
7. Delivers intense workouts without risking injury

Successful marine therapy rooms are dedicated spaces that contain specific hydrotherapy equipment. This equipment can include whirlpools, drop pools, water current therapy pools, or complete-sized swimming pools. Here are reasons to include hydrotherapy pools and drop pools when planning the ultimate marine therapy room.

marine therapy pools with a water current are ideal for marine therapy and fitness. They pack a powerful punch of function into a small footprint. Because of the water flow, athletes can unprotected to complete body workouts, swim, run, and rehabilitate for overall fitness and conditioning without additional pool equipment. Look for pools where the water speed can vary and where there are different areas or performance zones. This allows for progressive treatments at all ability levels and all stages of injury.

2. drop POOLS
Another highly effective part of hydrotherapy rooms are drop pools.

Cold drop

During intense exercise, muscles experience microtraumas or tiny tears within individual muscle fibers. Microtraumas are advantageous as they cause an increase in cell activity which helps strengthen muscles. But, they can also cause inflammation and Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). The low water temperatures in a cold drop help minimize muscle inflammation. Used post exercise athletes gain the advantageous effects of microtraumas without the pain of DOMS. For the most efficient use of this effective tool, some elite teams have drop pools large enough for the whole team to use following practice or a game. Look for suppliers who can create custom drop pools to meet your team requirements.

Hot drop pools

Used before work-outs, hot drop pools help increase blood flow, flexibility and loosen muscles. This increased flexibility leads to less muscle strain and a more productive exercise session. It is also an ideal tool to speed up recovery following an injury.

Athletic trainers who tap into the strength of water for training and recovery understand the basic characteristics of water to ease success. These include hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy, and viscosity. Water’s ability to sustain, decline the weight of an object, and provide resistance will provide positive results.

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