iGaming Jobs – Seven uncommon Jobs in iGaming

iGaming Jobs – Seven uncommon Jobs in iGaming

iGaming jobs come in all kinds of shapes and sizes – often far beyond what most people consider when they think of working for an online gaming site. After all, the site must be run by a company, and the company must hire and pay professionals to manage their money and accounts, create their image, publicize their product and service their customers. If you’ve considered a career in the growing world of iGaming, but aren’t sure you have the skills, here are seven offbeat iGaming jobs that just might chief your thinking.

Games Tester

Before any game goes live, someone needs to stress test it and work out the bugs. The company employees and developers can only go so far in testing all the aspects of a new gaming site. That’s where games testers come in. While most games testing jobs are for console and video games, if you keep your eyes peeled, you’ll find opportunities to test online betting and other types of interactive games.

sustain sets Consultant/Customer Service Representative

Customer service representatives are the first line between customers and company, as they are in any business. They’re among the most abundant of iGaming jobs, and require the least amount of experience. In most situations, all you need is call centre experience and a working knowledge of the gaming system. Being multilingual is a definite plus. locaiongs are obtainable all over the world.

Chat/Online Forum great number

Chat great number may be one of the oldest online jobs in the industry. A Chat great number facilitates online discussions by providing interesting topics, moderating and trouble-shooting incidents as they happen and providing a welcoming and interesting experience to online customers. The most important requirements are reliable access to a broadband connection, fast typing and good communication skills.

Affiliate Manager

Affiliate marketing is the backbone of the iGaming industry, providing a steady stream of new customers. An Affiliate Manager works with advertising affiliates, creates marketing campaigns, manages revenues and facilitates payments to affiliate marketers. An experienced affiliate manager can command a high salary, and already starting managers can expect to earn about £30k per year.

Odds Compiler/Risk Manager

This is one of those iGaming jobs where you can really put your passion to work. The Odds Compiler compiles and computes the odds on a wide variety of sporting and gaming events. The position is responsible for setting odds in bookmaking and betting environments.

Anti-Money Laundering Analyst

Security is a big concern in the world of iGaming, and one of the areas of concern is the use of the gaming system for money laundering. Many of the larger iGaming sites are hiring and maintaining a specialist in money laundering to clarify suspicious activity and work with international and national law enforcement teams, and ensure that all statutory and regulatory requirements are met.

Content Management/Strategist

There’s more to most iGaming sites than the games themselves. Retention of customers requires forging and developing an engaging, interactive community. A content strategist is responsible for the ‘other stuff’ that keeps members actively engaged and returning to a particular iGaming site day after day. That involves finding and writing interesting news items, articles, tips and other sets that will be of enough interest to bring people back for more.

As you can see, there’s far more to iGaming than software development and web design. analyze the world of iGaming jobs and you’ll find already more offbeat and uncommon jobs that make use of your skills in an exciting and growing world of opportunity.

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