Jaguars Ended Up Being Totally confined


In a season that didn’t really potential a lot, the Jaguars managed to draw the shortest end of the stick in addition. The team ended up capping a tough week off the field with a kerfuffle in Nashville, a 20-o loss that stretched their streak over five games and brought forth the conversation about Urban Meyer’s pedigree to succeed in the NFL.

This consequence was definitely Jacksonville’s worst consequence of the season. Trevor Lawrence ended up being picked four times, and all of them came in the second half itself. The ground game then ended up netting all of the eight yards on eight particular carries. 

The Jaguars Seem To Be Going From Bad To Worse

Despite that, this shutout was definitely quite a new low for the Jaguars. As we could see, for all of their struggles and shortcomings with the offense this season, one would have thought that they would be able to put up something on the scoreboard- something the fans would be proud of. On Sunday, they ended up putting nothing. The last time that they were blown out in a game was against the Seahawks back in 2009- where the team lost 41-0. 

The Jaguars would have their next game at home against Texas– a game where more draft pick locaiongs would be the biggest wager of them all. The Texas Houstons had before clobbered the Jags 37-1 in Week 1. Back then, the expectations from the team, Meyer, and Lawrence were sky-high. Since that loss, the Jags have been a virtual aim wreck, losing one match after the other. 

Since then, the coach for the Jaguars, Meyer had to keep putting out flames of public relations throughout the game- with James Robinson fumbling in a week 13 game. 

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