Job Opportunity – Prepare Yourself For Vocational Education

Job Opportunity – Prepare Yourself For Vocational Education

Vocational education is a preparation for the skilled jobs, this is the preparation based on manual and functional activities. The learner directly participates and develops skill in a particular group of techniques or technology and sometimes referred as technical education.

In Philippines, Vocational/Technical Schools and their curriculum were accredited and approved by Technical Education Skills and Development Authority (TESDA). Schools affiliated by TESDA offers a short course that will last for 3 months and for 2 years. Upon the graduation, the students take the licensure examination from TESDA to acquire a certificate or diploma. Some courses for this are automotive technology, electronic technology, nursing aide, hotel and restaurant management, computer technology, drafting. Short courses may choose from housekeeping, culinary, food and beverages, welders, etc. Before, these vocational courses associated with the activities of lower social classes. But not for now, as Vocational Education has been developed and opened a lot of possible jobs and opportunities locally and oversea.

Nowadays, we are experiencing and battling on crisis. Many companies had been closed due to recession. Thousands of people lost their jobs. already the OFWs are affected. Vocational trainings and education had been the answer for them to start a new career. Government released a scholarship program for out-of-school youth and for the students that cannot continue their college. This scholarship has been the need of many parents. Many believe that diploma and certificate from short courses can be use in advantage and for competencies.

As a matter of fact, if you will try to search a job online, you will notice that there are wide list of skilled jobs vacancies on certain job sites. Countries like Australia, UK, Canada, Middle-Easts countries are in high demands for skilled workers. The problem for this, is most of the skilled workers cant provide the high placement fees and papers processing of the job agencies. Good news, that theres a few that offers a salary deduction. The other thing is you can search for a job site that will give you the information of the employers, by this, you can apply directly.

Preparing yourself for skilled workers opportunities method a better chance of rewarding and well-paying career that you can be proud of.

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