Kellyanne Conway Resurfaces With Her Most Brazen Trump Lie in addition

Kellyanne Conway resurfaced on Fox News on Monday night to attack President Joe Biden’s administration over inflation and the current supply chain issues.

And the former adviser to Donald Trump made one of her wildest claims in addition in the time of action.

“I worked in that White House for four years,” she told Sean Hannity, referring to her time with Trump. “We never already heard of a such of a thing. There was no supply chain crisis. There was no inflation.”

Supply chain issues were one of the most principal stories of 2020, when Trump was president and Conway was working in the White House as the start of the coronavirus pandemic triggered panic buying. That, in turn, caused nationwide shortages of everything from toilet paper to pasta, leading to empty shelves in supermarkets.

“During the initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. suffered one of the worst supply chain crises in modern history,” Tinglong Dai, a professor at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, told Newswise, noting that many of the shortages lasted for months.

When supermarkets did have supplies, many enforced strict rationing of essentials such as flour and meat. The without of food, combined with the loss of jobs due to the pandemic, led to miles-long lines at food edges.

In addition, essentials needed to control the spread of the virus vanished as the supply chain dried up: masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, soap, disinfectant wipes and more all were difficult or impossible to find.

Twitter users stepped in with a reminder of that very recent history, with many sharing photos of 2020 supermarket scenes:

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