Lake Washington Blvd. closed to traffic for pedestrian use over Thanks…

Based on community feedback, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) made the decision to close the portion of Lake Washington Blvd. from Mt. Baker Park to Seward Park during the Seattle Public Schools Thanksgiving break. The “Keep Moving Streets” program allows locals to use the stretch of roadway to get outdoors for walking, biking, blading and more during the school break safely.

SDOT installed the barriers after the evening rush on Wednesday, where they’ll stay until Monday’s morning rush.

Local access on the boulevard is nevertheless obtainable for people who live in the area, delivery drivers and visitors. SDOT asks that anybody who does need to use the roadway find their way to the cross street nearest their destination, using Lake Washington Blvd. as little as possible.

Parking lots are nevertheless open for all parks in the area, but because of the street closure, certain parking lot entrances are closed. Refer to the map from SDOT for best routes.

Three miles of Lake Washington Blvd. from Mt. Baker Park to Seward Park will be closed over Thanksgiving weekend.

Seattle Department of Transportation

Portable toilets have also been additional to the Ferdinand parking lot for anyone employing the stretch of roadway. The Adams St. portable toilet is also being serviced daily. Additional trash receptacles have been additional along the three-mile route in addition.

 ”As a city, we’re taking what we experienced during COVID-19, considering how to meet our environmental goals, and strive for safer places to walk and bike. Lake Washington Blvd is a gem and opening up space for people of SE Seattle and beyond to enjoy it in healthy and active ways supports and encompasses all these objectives,” said Seattle City Councilmember Tammy Morales.

SDOT made the decision to close the road to vehicles and open it to pedestrians after the success of the program in summer 2020. The “Keep Moving Streets” program began over the summer when Lake Washington Blvd. was closed to traffic on weekends. Hoping to get people out of their houses and moving more frequently during quarantine, the three-mile stretch allowed locals to experience the city while staying safe.

Lake Washington Blvd. is open to pedestrians now by Monday, Nov. 29 at 7 a.m.

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