Law Fun Facts – Dumb Laws In New Jersey

New Jersey is a very popular city in US. The dumb laws in this city are worth noticing.

These laws, however, have complete explanation behind them, but nevertheless, they seem so dumb!

Here is a list of some of the dumb laws In New jersey.

o If you are a driver, you have to warn everyone who you pass on the highway before they do the same thing.

o No minor can buy handcuffs.

o If you are going to do a murder, beware! You are not allowed to use a bullet proof.

o In case of an emergency, it is illegal not to give a telephone line to someone who is in need of it.

o All motorists have to honk before passing another car. This includes bicyclist and skateboarders in addition.

o It is against the law to pump your own gas. This funny rule applies only in two states of the US. This rule argues that pump owners should have additional labor to fill the gas.

Another reason behind this is, if the customer goes to a pump which has attendants, the sale will go high because of the good service to customers.

o You can not frown at a police officer.

o If you are caught driving drunk, you may never get a license that is personalized.

o Car dealerships can be opened on Sundays.

o You are not allowed to slurp your soup.

o If you are driving an automobile, you can not overtake a horse pushed carriage.

o You can not detain a homing pigeon.

Hope you liked this section of dumb laws in US.

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