Let Radiant obstacle Keep Your Dogs Warm

Let Radiant obstacle Keep Your Dogs Warm


You may already know that radiant obstacle is a very effective way to maximize your energy dollars by keeping warm air inside your home during the winter, and hot air from entering your home during the summer. The magic is in the 99% aluminum film which covers a woven polyester scrim lining.

The radiant obstacle acts in conjunction with your attics traditional insulation to reduce the flow of air.

The same logic applies when the product is used in other places, as with a chicken coop or dog house. Mass produced doghouses may be made of lasting plastic, but they offer little to no protection from frigid temps. Animals may be out of the wind, but they have no way to retain the heat necessary to keep from halting, and are far less than comfortable.

If you build your own dog house, you have the opportunity to incorporate some insulation – to make it airtight – and some radiant obstacle. When used on all four sides of a dog house in addition as the roof, the foil insulation will mirror the dogs body heat back onto the animal, acting like a thermal heat source. If the dog house is raised off the ground (as it is in many parts of the coldest states, where snow can get high), then theres also the opportunity to insulate the bottom of the dog house.

People can forget that their outside animals arent truly capable of taking care of themselves. The animals rely heavily on humans to take care of them and ensure they stay out of harms way. As owners who commit to pets, we need to honor our commitment already when we may tire of the responsibility.

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