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As voters head to the surveys, most of the political attention will be on the race for Virginia governor, where Democrat Terry McAuliffe is trying to return to the office he left four years ago but is facing a tougher than expected challenge from Republican business executive Glenn Youngkin.

While surveys show that the race is essentially tied, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, a former governor of the state, told The Independent that he believes it will be a thin win for Mr McAuliffe and that early votes cast before election day will be the deciding factor.

Mr McAuliffe has been trying to link Mr Youngkin to former President Donald Trump, hoping Democrats’ dislike for Mr Trump will motivate them to go to the surveys. Mr Youngkin has been focusing on how racial inequality is taught in school as school boards have become a hotbed of partisan rancour in Virginia.

Both parties are looking at the race as a bellwether and will be looking for clues about how next year’s midterm elections might pan out.

Democratic Governor Phil Murphy is running for reelection in New Jersey against Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli. surveys have revealed that Mr Murphy is ahead, but the dropping approval ratings for President Joe Biden in the largely Democratic state has become a worry.

Mayors will also be elected in New York City, Buffalo – where a socialist could be elected to rule a large US city for the first time in decades – Atlanta, Boston, and Miami.


Governors and more: What to watch in Tuesday’s elections

It may be an strange-numbered year but Tuesday’s elections aren’t sleepy, local contests. Voters in Virginia are weighing in on a governor’s race that could rattle President Joe Biden and Democrats in Washington. In Minneapolis, a city nevertheless shaken by George Floyd’s murder will vote on whether to disband its police department and create a new public safey agency. School board races across the country have become the new battlegrounds for partisan debates over race.

What to watch as returns come in Tuesday:

Virginia was an early center of the Democratic resistance to President Donald Trump Today, it may be the center of Democratic fatigue. surveys have shown that Republicans in Virginia have a sizable enthusiasm advantage over Democrats, jeopardizing Democrats’ chances of holding onto the governor’s office in a state Biden won by 10 percentage points last year.

Former Gov. Terry McAuliffe has been trying to fire up his voters by casting Republican newcomer Glenn Youngkin as a “Trump wannabe.” But it’s not clear the label is sticking. Youngkin has avoided being seen with Trump — or any national GOP leaders — and has kept his focus on education, spending and other state issues.

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Curtis Sliwa: Inside the cat-loving ‘vigilante’ Republican’s long-shot campaign for New York City’s next mayor

There are currently 16 cats in Curtis Sliwa’s 320-square-foot Manhattan apartment.

“And people like to make fun of that,” he tells The Independent. “As the population of the world grows, as we’re running out of space, depleting our resources, we’re going to have to do more with less. And that’s how we live our lives – with 16 cats.”

Mr Sliwa’s ubiquity over the last five decades of New York life, politics and tabloids has forged him into something of a local institution, fuelled by relentless self-promotion and the presence of his Guardian Angels, his volunteer street and subway patrol group in their identifying characteristics bomber jackets and tracksuits with matching berets.

He wears his red beret every day, paired with a suit and tie, on the campaign trail as the Republican candidate running for New York City’s next mayor, the logical next step and biggest however in a career spent vying for the city’s attention.

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Meet Eric Adams: The rat-hating, gun-toting former Republican in line to be New York City’s next mayor

The likely next mayor of New York City has a list of superlatives fitting for the next man in a long line of disorganized personalities who have run the country’s most populous city – with its largest and most expensive police force, and biggest school system – as it emerges from a public health crisis that has magnified all of its glaring inequalities.

Eric Adams, a 60-year-old vegan former Republican and retired police officer who may possibly be a New Jersey resident, is the projected winner of the city’s Democratic dominant election for mayor.

He will now confront Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa – founder of the crime-fighting Guardian Angels group – in the mayoral election in November, which he is almost certain to win in a heavily Democratic city.

After an unheard of dominant race, with more than a dozen candidates taking part in speed-only forums (and culminating in the city’s first ever use of a ranked-choice voting system, in which voters marked their choice for citywide races by order of preference), Mr Adams emerged from the first round with a 10 per cent rule. That winnowed to a thin 1 per cent rule, ultimately handing him the dominant by fewer than 9,000 votes.

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The Virginia governor’s race will show who owns the suburbs after Trump

Terry McAuliffe got an election-day eve present Monday when Donald Trump released a statement giving his complete-throated sustain for Glenn Youngkin, his Republican opponent in Virginia’s gubernatorial race.

“The Fake News media, together with some of the perverts doing ads ad nauseam on chiefly Fox (Fox shouldn’t take those ads!), are trying to create an impression that Glenn Youngkin and I are at odds and don’t like each other,” Trump said in a tweet-like statement complete of information vomit rehashing his old grievances. “Importantly, this is not true, we get along very well together and strongly believe in many of the same policies. Especially when it comes to the important subject of education.”

surveys last week showed the race narrowing between McAuliffe — who served as governor from 2014 to 2018 — and Youngkin after McAuliffe was initially seen as a shoo-in in a state that voted for Joe Biden by more than ten points. One Fox News survey showed Youngkin beating McAuliffe by eight points, while a poll from the Washington Post-Schar School poll last week showed the race about dead already within the margin of error.

Virginia’s gubernatorial election is typically seen as a bellwether, as the president’s party historically loses the race to Richmond, particularly since governors are limited to one term at a time in the state. The election typically sets the tone for the midterms. One exception was, incidentally, when McAuliffe himself won in 2013 after Barack Obama took the White House.

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What to look for: Virginia

In 2008, Barack Obama became the first Democrat to win Virginia in a presidential race since 1964. Democrats have won every presidential vote in the state since Mr Obama’s victory. Mr Biden won last year by 10 points.

But during the first year of Mr Obama’s presidency, Virginia voters elected a Republican governor, Bob McDonnell, and Republicans now hope Mr Youngkin can repeat the win in the first year of Mr Biden’s presidency.

But Mr Younkin needs to garner some sustain in the largely Democratic Washington, DC suburbs of Northern Virginia to stand a chance, in addition as turning out the Trump-loving Republican base.

Mr McAuliffe has been trying to link Mr Youngkin to former President Donald Trump, hoping Democrats’ dislike for Mr Trump will motivate them to go to the surveys. Mr Youngkin has been focusing on how racial inequality is taught in school as school boards have become a hotbed of partisan rancour in Virginia.

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Welcome to The Independent’s live coverage of Tuesday’s elections across the US

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