Make Yourself Marketable With Custom Business Cards

Make Yourself Marketable With Custom Business Cards

Custom business cards can be defined as an imprinted advertising message of ones name, logo and kind of business they are engaged in, on small pieces of stiff papers or thin pasteboards, usually rectangular in shape and measuring 3-4 inches long by 2 inches wide. Centuries ago, business cards were known as calling cards. In 17th Century Europe, these formal cards were left at personal residences and places of business to establish credibility from one person to another. These rectangular-shaped bits of advertising were introduced long before as are proven as having first appeared in China in the 15th Century.

A once simple statement of a name and a few obligatory pieces of information has now turned into cross-industry occurrences to have the business card that commands the most attention. Custom business cards have become the position quo of doing business in the modern marketplace. If people can imagine a business with the advantageous marketing of business cards, they can unprotected to it. It is customary when meeting someone to exchange business cards with them.

However, consider international protocol when asking for someones business card. In countries where business cards are not de rigueur (a French expression that literally method required by etiquette or usage or fact), people may not have one and may be embarrassed by the request. In many countries there are precise protocols that determine when to present the card, how, and to whom. In Japan, for example, the exchange of cards, or meishi, is an important formality and people may exchange cards more than once since the past exchanges may not have made a sufficient impression.

Advancements in printer technology have made printing your own business cards from home affordable. Most households and businesses own at the minimum one laser or inkjet printer making personal printing an option no longer out of our reach. If your business sets several different industries, you could create a customized card for each industry, emphasizing specific sets or benefits for each kind of customer.

You could also create different custom business cards emphasizing specific sets or products for your business. For example, if you are an image consultant, you could have a card that highlights your general corporate design sets and one that accentuates your designing skills. Please see below for more information on Custom Business Cards.

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