Microwave Termite Treatment Device – Why Was it Invented?


A dilemma within the pest industry began to occur during the late 1980s. The public was becoming more and more health conscience educated about the real hazards and lethal medical risks associated with already the smallest amount of exposure to toxic elements. need for non-chemical alternatives or all natural method of treatment had become clearly apparent as a growing public need to be fulfilled. New technologies needed discovery in order for the pest industry to fulfill these new customer needs.

1. No proven non-toxic termite treatments obtainable.

In the early 1990s the only method of non chemical different treatment obtainable to the pest control industry for substitute of whole structure poison gas fumigation, was long term franchise agreements for the use of an electrocution method or costly sub contracting of other experimental treatment methods that were not obtainable for lease or buy, i.e. heat or freeze methods.

2. Public need creates necessity to invent.

Frustrated with the limited choices obtainable, Two California termite control firms with combined years of specialized knowledge in fumigation in addition as termite control, Jointly set out to develop a safe, effective, functional and affordable termite treatment procedural method that could kill termites within far away wall and void areas of structures with out the use of tents, poison gas fumigants or lethal toxins. The results of the two termite companies combined efforts gave birth to the first commercially obtainable microwave termite device treatment system.

Creation of the microwave termite treatment System is the consequence of the joint efforts undertaken by two companies to satisfy an industries need. Had there not been a need the system may not exist today.

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